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Video Unveiling of a Special Painting Inspired by High Seas Rally!

A lovely mermaid plays with her reflection in the water as she wonders when she’ll hear the sound of crashing waves from tall ships and the playful melody of the dolphins that would swim around her. Succumb to her loneliness, she dreams of a world filled with kickass music, belly-aching laughter and unrelenting love from the full ship of bikers who ride the High Seas Rally.

That is the scene painted by HSR’s exclusive artist Marc Lacourciere, who’s set to sail on the rally cruise for the 18th time in 2021! Marc recently finished painting The Lonely Seas, a special piece of fine art inspired by HSR, and you can see it in all its glory by watching the unveiling in the video above! ​​​​​​

This HSR collectible comes in two versions. A wall-mounted framed print or a shelf-mounted print with molten glass wave anchors. Both are all available right now and a portion of the proceeds from every print sold goes to High Seas Rally’s Dialysis Fund to help continue the awesome HSR legacy of supporting dialysis patients by providing them with an all-expenses paid vacation on the high seas.

Every print also comes with a special gift, and if you find the additional hidden treasures buried within each painting, you will receive even more loot. The Lonely Seas painting makes for an extraordinary gift or addition to your own art collection, but remember … the only known cure for The Lonely Seas is being there when a full ship of bikers sets sail on the High Seas Rally in October 2021!

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  1. Mary says

    Hi Marc. My gosh! I just love this one. I’m not sure which I like better. I’m thinking the shelf unit, since my wall space is limited. What is the price on that. Also, I see it’s dated 2020, will there be another for our cruise in 2021.

  2. Corinne Ryan says

    This is stunning! Would love to get one but sadly it’s out of my price range. Again absolutely stunning though!

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