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Participate in HSR’s Awesome Contests
to Win Big Cash & Bragging Rights!

On High Seas Rally ’22, we'll raise a ton of money for great causes AND share loads of loot with our awesome guests. You'll have the opportunity to take home the biggest haul to date, including huge cash prizes, cool merch and other incredible prizes.

What contests and games should you be gearing up for? That depends on whether your strengths come from your brains or brawn, your lungs or chest, your hair or your ink. Either way, those who bring the guts, get the glory.

There will be many new and exciting events aboard HSR '22 to join all the returning fan favorites. Check out some of the awesome events in store for you in October during the Rally Event of the Year!

  • Pirate Bingo – One of the biggest and best games on the high seas, your $40 entry fee gets you 4 bingo cards and a rowdy night of fun with thousands of dollars in cash and vendor prizes on the line. Guests won almost $20,000 in 2019.
  • Best Tattoo — Our guests have some awesome ink to show off so this contest is competitive! Prizes are up for grabs for the best HSR Tattoo and for Best in Show! See our gallery of past HSR Tattoos.
  • Hillbilly on the High Seas Contests — The “best” dressed guests at the Hillbillies on the High Seas Theme Night party will have some awesome prizes to stuff into his or her overalls. Come tattered in tank tops and trucker hats, plaid and pigtails, bath robes and bubba teeth. Remember, everyone is a winner during this awesome night of people watching!
    • Cousin Eddie’s Costume Contest: Do you have the costume chops to be the ultimate Hillbilly on the High Seas? See where you or, better yet, where you and your partner stack up!
    • Queen of the Trailer Park Contest: We have all seen beauty pageants, but have you seen one at the trailer park? We are going to crown one lucky lady or guy as Queen of the Trailer Park. Think Daisy Duke meets Honey Boo Boo. This contest is Backwoods not Beauty, so trade in those high heels for dirty feet. Bonus points for missing teeth!
  • Best Beard — Got a big and badass beard?! The ladies will be the judge of that! In this contest, longer is not always better. Our lady judges are looking for something that smells and feels good, too!
  • Topless Man — All hands on deck, ladies! Put on a blindfold and feel around for the man with the best (oiled up) chest.
  • Treasured Chest — A fan favorite fundraiser on Pirate Takeover Day, the Treasured Chest contest raises big cash for charity. Our ladies get decked out in their best pirate gear and use their “assets” to collect money from those in the crowd. The contest winner is the woman who collects the most money, but the real winner is our awesome charities.
  • Belly Smacker — Not familiar with the ancient art of the belly smacker? Contestants jump into the pool from a 3-foot platform. Arms spread, belly out ... the winner is selected based on style, sound and size of the splash!
  • Scream Queen — Channel your inner demons and top the decibel meter with your best bloodcurdling scream during High Seas Halloween.
  • Putting for $$$ — Just like on the course, you drive for show, but putt for dough. See ya at the ship’s mini-golf course!
  • Door and Promenade facing window Decorating — Show your love for bikes and rallies by decorating your cabin door or your Promenade facing window.
  • Virtual Bike Show — Cycle Source Magazine will present the inaugural Virtual Bike Show aboard HSR ’22. This event will give rally-goers the opportunity to show off their ride with many prizes on the line for the best motorcycle eye candy in multiple categories! Full details for entering will be made available closer to our sailing date.

Mini-Bike Races

It wouldn’t be the ultimate rally without a little racing, would it? We can’t ride on board, but we can fire up Mini-Bikes for races before we board! At the High Seas Rally's Pre-Cruise Party in Port Canaveral, you’re gonna be able to drag race Mini-Bikes!

The Cycle Source crew will be bringing a fleet of Mini-Bikes, along with their professional drag starting tree, for you to put your need for speed to the test! The champs will go home with cool custom trophies, some great loot and bragging rights for a year! There is no entry fee to ride, but the crew does ask that you make a minimum $10 donation, 100% of which goes directly to the High Seas Rally's Dialysis Fund. Head-to-head racing without the need for a full race suit. It makes for great fun and awesome memories.

For more information or to sign up in advance, please email