About High Seas Rally

High Seas Rally® began as completly new alternative rally to the price gouging, motorcycle theft, police harassing, copy cat on shore rallies that sprang up during the peak years of the motorcycle craze from 2000 to 2006. Much of which grew the motorcycle hobby but also took the fun out of the word rally. High Seas Rallies is all about putting the fun and value back but to do that and keep big business from ruining it we decided to take it offshore and not copy anyone. True, you won’t hear the roar of bikes everyday but instead you’ll hear the roar of laughter. You’ll still be surrounded by a couple thousand bikers..all with a common interest, average age 40-60 with many veteran riders from all over the world. As for the fun..Dozens of national motorcycle magazines don’t call this “the rally that’s almost too much fun” for nothing. But the fun is all mature and under control. We don’t now nor have ever needed security at any of our parties or group functions. We’re all grown-ups and believe you can still have fun without causing trouble. Besides, there’s lots of beautiful exotic locations that you just can’t ride your bike too. Why should that keep us land locked. We care as much about the bikers as the bikes and no matter how hard headed you are about  taking your bike everywhere you go, we guarantee before this rally  is over you’ll agree that this was the most fun you have had since you can remember. 
We also bring 16 bikers onboard every year that are on Kidney dialysis machines. Since they are unable to travel, we bring the dialysis machines and medical staff onboard for their treatments, give each of them a Balcony Suite, pay for their airfare and give them $400 to spend during the week….all FREE. Because, they need to have fun too. There’s lots more..just check out the website.