Fun Partakin

Fun Partakin'                

Our unique games and fun are not copies of any other event. From the Belly Smacker Contest to the Treasured Chest Contest to Pirate Bingo to the Virtual bike Show all were dreamed up by us with one thing in mind. FUN. True, we do give away approx $250,000 in cash and prizes but when it’s all over, what you’ll remember the most is the new friends you made on our rally cruises. And if you can’t remember it all..that’s what our film crew is for. Of course, being treated like you are somebody doesn’t hurt either and getting more than what you paid for is exactly what our goal is. Dollar for dollar there’s not another rally that compares.  World Class parties..yes we have 5 of those too with better prices, better food and more fun than any other biker rally. Don’t forget the ship..which is like a floating Las Vegas with everything from a mall, ice skating rink to top deck surfing and of course a casino. We’ve had passengers 4 years in a row that still have not seen the entire ship. Say you want to relax. Pools, bars, spas, hot tubs, white sand beach, drinks with umbrellas in them..we got that too.

Don’t forget, you have 4 beautiful exotic island locations to spend 4 days on. You can just lay on white sand beaches and watch the crystal clear blue water or..parasail, jet ski, snorkel, scuba, horse back ride, rent a scooter, go canoeing, rafting, sail boating, shopping, zip-line, roller coaster rides, etc.  So when’s the last time you really had a good time?