Just Rewards

The first year on the High Seas Rally cruise, Dean and Debbie floated the idea of raising money to pay for bikers or their immediate family or friends that were suffering from kidney failure to join us on the rally cruises. Those passengers would require life support kidney dialysis machines to keep them alive during the cruise. Dean’s family and relatives had suffered from an inherited kidney disease that took the life of his mother, and sister, and his brother has been on a kidney dialysis machine for 17 years. Debbie did the research and found a company that would contract this medical service to our passengers.
Since 2004 our rallies have been providing this service FREE of charge to our dialysis passengers. That’s up to 16 passengers per cruise. They receive a FREE balcony suite, FREE airfare, FREE on-ship dialysis treatments and $400 to spend during the cruise. To pay for this all our passengers do is enter our rally games. To date we have raise over $1 Million and have been able to provide a vacation of a lifetime to over 170 kidney dialysis patients. 
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