Frequently Asked Questions

Why are HSR cabin prices different
from the cruise line?
Can I book my cabin through my travel agent?
What's included in OUR Rally Price that's not
included in the cruise line price?
What type of clothes do we wear?
What Cabin is best for me? Do I need travel insurance?
How about T.V. and fridge? Can I get on this Rally Cruise if
I don't own a motorcycle
Will my cell phone work? How early do I need to arrive if I make
my own travel arrangements?
Can I bring my own bottled water? Can I use my Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Numbers on the HS Rally?
Can I bring my own bike onboard? Are children allowed on the rally cruise?
Can I make changes to my reservation? What if I get seasick?
What will I be charged if I cancel? Need a Wheelchair?
What Travel Documents and identification do I need? Renewing your wedding vowels, getting married or proposing on the ship?
Why do we only have second dining? Are we (the developers Dean & Debbie Anderson) coming on the Rally Cruise

Why are HSR cabin prices different from the cruise line ?

Booking a half ship charter is more expensive per cabin than booking just 10 cabins.

We hold specific cabin #’s by depositing a set amount on each cabin. Generally $90,000 per cruise. By holding specific cabin #’s we can place groups, clubs and friends side by side and place our groups in the best locations. To set aside and reserve 1,000 of the ships premium location cabins, you must pay an upcharge. The cruise line also builds into our cabin cost the privilege of private biker dining, the vendor area, nightly HSR theater time, sound and light tecs,a private HSR pool party, the use of a dedicated ship TV channel, and much more than you would receive if you were on an individual, or small group cruise. We require these extras to make this rally cruise biker friendly and special. In the event any of our cabins aren’t sold, We (Dean and Debbie) pay for them even if they are empty. That penalty has exceded $70,000 more than once.

When we initially open our web site around 15 months before each new rally sail date, our cabin prices are sometimes slightly more than the cruise line prices. The Cruiseline determines cabin prices much like airline prices. The quicker the ship sells out, the steeper and faster the remaining cabin prices increase. Cabin pricing with the cruise line can change every week and don't include tips, port chages, govt fees,etc.

We negotiate with the cruiseline for a SET price for our passengers somewhere at the mid point of their opening price and the final sail date price. Providing we have not sold out of a specific cabin category, all OUR passengers pay the same price for the same cabin category. On the other hand, if we sell out our half ship charter quickly, the remaining general public cruiseline cabin prices quickly jump as much as $1,000 + more than our set price per cabin.

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What’s included in your rally price that’s not included in a regular cruise price?

For those never before cruisers let’s cover what a REGULAR cruise price covers. Cabin, Food 24-7 with Gourmet Meals in the dining rooms & cafes’ & snacks throughout the day.  Even 24 hr room service.   All your cruiseline ship entertainment, use of the fitness center, sports equipment, and ship sponsored activities. 
High Seas Rally® Cruises includes all the above , PLUS:

  • We reserve over 90% of all the prime location cabins on the ship so you can have your cabin next to your friends or large groups.

  • Your  Welcome aboard package, with Exclusive rally collectibles, rally patch, pin, magnetic door plaque with your name and state with leather passport/I.D holder, backpack, bottle of Champagne waiting for you in your cabin and a few weeks after the cruise you'll recieve a 1 hour dvd of your rally cruise.

  • Private rally party on ship. FREE drinks and food the 1st hour.

  • Your FREE chance at winning over $200,000 in motorcycle related prices at our exclusive nightly shows plus at least one 30-$50,000 grand prize raffle tickets! 

  • Private evening dining, biker attire, no formal dress up unless you want to participate in one of our special Mutiny (pirate dress nights, 50,60,70’s Hippie Night or our Halloween Party (Biker Fright Night) or formal night..that would be Leather. In other words wear your usual rally gear, jeans & t-shirt, participate in the other dress up nights if you want.

  • Special discount deals on drinks and food at all our private on-shore party locations such as Jimmy Buffett’s and Carlos N Charlies.

  • Our recommended onshore locations give our rally participants a minimum 10% discount on purchases. 

  • All our private events, games & parties are exclusive to our rally group. With an average CASH games winnings per year of over $75,000.00

  • Also available only to registered rally passengers is exclusive rally souvenir merchandise..not available to the public.

  • Discount rates at Hotels at departure port city and Bon Voyage party.

  • Plus our Trade Show Vendor area, with some of the best aftermarket vendors in the business giving away by random cabin # drawing over $120,000.00 in FREE vendor prizes.

  • All on-ship tips (gratuities) are also included in our prices.

  • We also have a no interest payment plan! We also accept personal checks and money orders. Cruise line does not.
    Please view our payment schedule on our prices page.

  • Personal service when you call for questions. These rally cruises are all we do 6 days a week 12 hours a day. We are riders and have been for over 25 years. We set up as vendors at many rallies every year all across the U.S. We became travel agents only because the cruise lines won’t deal with you unless you are travel agents.

  • All our rallies contribute to pay for up to 16 bikers or their friends or family that are on Kidney dialysis machines to have a vacation of a lifetime with us on each cruise. With FREE airfare, FREE balcony stateroom, FREE medical staff and dialysis treatments while aboard ship and $400 spending money to each patient. Approx. $80-$90,000 per cruise. See our HOHS Dialysis Fund website.

  • Yes:  We (Dean and Debbie) are present and available at all our rally activities.

  • We also provide a 4 person film crew to record the rally on ship and shore and approx 6 weeks after the cruise you receive a FREE 1hr  rally participation DVD in the mail as your souvenir so you can relive the fun over and over and tease your friends.

  • You will also be notified per e-mail of all future rally registration openings weeks before the general public is made aware.

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What cabin is best for me?

All we can do here is give you some things to consider before choosing a cabin category, especially if this is your 1st cruise. First thing you must consider is this is not your regular cruise! If you have friends that have cruised before but not with us, they have only a small concept of what OUR cruises are like. The more you listen to them, the more you’ll be confused.  Second, generally we use the largest and most modern ships in the world, so location on the ship for motion purposes is not as important as it is in smaller order ships and contrary to the older ship designs, instead of 1 engine prop in the rear, there are 3 to 5 electric  izapods that are located throughout the length of our ships. Separate engines run at different times with different power demands. With that out of the way, the laws of physics still apply that the center of the ship is the smoothest and the lower in the ship the less motion BUT as I just mentioned our ships move very little. Other things to consider: Our Caribbean ships are 4 football field lengths long, elevators are toward the ends. Being in the center of the ship means you walk over 100 yards to the nearest elevator. If a lot of walking is not on your vacation list, we recommend a cabin not too far from the elevator if one is still available. Obviously just being on the same floor as your friends on one of these mega-ships does not mean you are close to them. If both you and your friends are near an elevator on the same end of the ship, you’re much closer together than being on opposite ends of the ship on the same deck. Although I (Dean) wrote the following info, if you don’t find your answers here, then contact Debbie. She knows this and all the other ships we use like she knows her house. When cabin choices get complicated..ask for Debbie.

Things to consider: Most of our ships are MEGA size. That means 3-5 football fields long. Being near one of the only 2 elevators is not necessarily a bad thing. Center of the ship means walking  approx 100 yards to the nearest elevator.  Second..PORT side STARBOARD side means nothing for cruise ships in the modern age as far as being on the debarkation (land) side when the ship is docked. Modern ships can turn on a dime by themselves without the use of tugboats and frequently dock on whichever side is best for them on the day they arrive and have gangways on both sides og the ship.  We can only suggest which side the ship docked on the last time it sailed. If you are a SMOKER: There is no smoking in any cabin. You can smoke on your balcony (that means you must purchase a balcony cabin) or in designated smoking areas on the ship.



L, M, N, K inside category cabins: Even the smallest, least expensive cabins have a shower, mini fridge, blow drier, T.V. and internet accessibility.  If you’re on a tight budget or you are of smaller biker size (160 pds or under) an inside cabin may be sized right for you. Please keep in mind there is a reason these are the least expensive cabins. They are the smallest and some are not in prime locations. If you or your partner are over 200 pounds, the shower is like a phone booth. There are no windows in these cabins and if you use them just as a place to sleep and not have company, they may be just what you want or can afford. However, having no windows usually will worsen or cause motion sickness. More than 2 grown-ups in these cabins could be stretching your friendship just a little. Two twin beds that can convert into a Queen.  We recommend these cabins to SEASONED cruisers that have no motion problems, are sailing on a budget or have other spending priorities such as the casino, etc.

Oceanview  Cabins: Deck 2 Ocean View Staterooms have less motion but have many drawbacks for 1st time cruisers. Two twin beds that can convert into a Queen. Small stand up shower. These are the closest cabins to the engine room. Engine (droning) sound can be irritating. The small porthole window does not open. It's smaller than most people’s TV screen. You can feel no fresh air or hear the ocean. You’re very close to the Ocean and watching the waves can cause motion sickness even though the ship is stable. We feel these cabins are overpriced and draw passengers just by the word OCEANVIEW. It’s rare that one of our passengers books this category twice.

PR  Atrium Staterooms: Best inside cabin for 1st timers on a budget or those that like to people watch. These cabins are located above the inside mall (promenade) of the ship. No outside ocean view but still a view and from a full size bay window that you can actually sit in.  Very much like a courtyard at a hotel only much more activity to watch. If you were to have some motion sickness it gives you some light, and a view to take your mind off any motion. Two twin beds that can convert into a Queen.  Small stand up shower. Only downside is directly across from your cabin is another bay window looking back at you. Close your drapes before you undress or NOT. As we mentioned..these cabins are great for people watching.

Deluxe Balcony staterooms: The 1st cabins with an actual sliding glass door that opens to your own private balcony with 2 chairs and a table on the deck and a real view of the ocean. Now you can actually feel, see, hear and smell the ocean. If you have never seen the blue Caribbean waters, felt the warm air on your face or let the sound of the ocean put you to sleep at night with your door open, you need to add it to your bucket list. These cabins add a whole new list of things you can do in your room besides sleep. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the ocean. Have a romantic night on your private balcony, eat breakfast there in the morning, watch your comrades stagger back to the ship from each Island or since our rally has practically every balcony on the ship just ask your room attendant to remove the frost glass between your room and the next balcony and have a double length deck to share with your friends. Hang your banners  or pirate flags from your balcony when we are at port. You’ll also be amazed at how much difference an extra 4-5 feet makes in a cabin. Again, two twin beds that can convert into a Queen. Roomier stand up shower.

Superior Balcony Stateroom: The only differences between this and the Deluxe is a little more elbow room, the ability in some cases to sleep a 3rd person and a higher up deck on the ship. Just like a hotel, you pay more for the view. The extra 2 feet in room depth does make some difference.

Junior Suites: A full third bigger than a Deluxe balcony Stateroom, now we are getting into luxury and real elbow room if your tall or big guy or gal. 100 more square feet and a bigger balcony really makes a difference.  Full size bathroom with shower and tub and a walk in closet to get your luggage out of the way. Larger flat screen T.V. and a larger bed.  We feel Junior Suites are usually the best buy for the money, on this ship.

Grand Suites: Now you have made it to the big time. Not only in the size of the cabin with marble bathroom, walk in closets and 100 more square feet than a Junior Suite but now you get concierge service or as we like to call it PRIORITY PAMPERING. Forgot to get tickets to the ice skating show…no problem. Need reservations at Chops problem. Have an excursion you forgot to problem.  Free mixed drinks in the Concierge Lounge every evening. Free movie rentals. You get the idea.

Owner Suites: They don’t call it the Owner Suite for nothing! Yet another 100 square feet larger than the Grand  Suites. These cabins are all located conveniently near an elevator and near the Concierge Lounge on deck 10. Concierge service of course but now you have room to invite some guests and throw a party in your problem. Plus a very large outside balcony that’s almost the size of the starting inside cabins. You’ll be the envy of your friends. Maybe you could let them sleep outside on your deck one night?

Family Suites: First, you must have at least 4 or 6 people in each of these cabins. They are designed for groups. Separate bedrooms, separate bathrooms and quite a bit of space with a large living room and the 2nd largest and deepest balcony on the ship, with lay down lawn chairs. They are all located on the very rear of the ship which we feel is a best kept secret.  Most private, best view, biggest decks and very little wind when the ship is in motion. Many people sleep on the rear decks at night watching the stars and listening to the waves. You also get all the benefits of Concierge Service and plenty of space to invite your friends over. The only downside is you have to get along with your invited family or friends for a whole week and remember its $854.00 each for every additional passenger after the second passenger and there is a minimum of 4 passengers in this cabin. When you divide the price of the cabin by 4 or 6 people, it can be a good deal. These also make great party and socializing cabins.

Royal Suite:  There’s only one! How about a Grand piano in your living room and your own private hot tub on your deck. Hey, if you have the money just do it! Believe it or not this Suite is one of the first to sell every year and one of our bikers has it every year.  We had it one year and it was so high tech that I couldn’t even work the shower in the Master bedroom. Poor me, I had to use the commoners bathroom shower. Huge bed, huge bathrooms, huge living room, huge deck…its HUGE! Downside..only 2 passengers can sleep in the  Royal Suite..if that’s a downside? Ya gotta run your 50 NEW friends out of your room sometime!

Presidential Suite: Can you believe there is a bigger cabin than the Royal Suite? It’s practically 2 Royals Suites and sleeps 8. No Grand piano but the widest and deepest deck on the ship. Just the deck alone is larger than most balcony cabins. You need to make friends with these people! This could be the 2nd biggest party location on the ship! And it’s on the very rear of the ship. Best view, no wind, etc. We rarely list it because it too sells out first and of course our passengers have it also! Concierge Service..what do you think? Cost divided into 4 couples is about the price of a Junior Suite per couple. Not bad when you do the math. Tough part is finding 4 couples that can get along for 7 days.

To check out the cabin locations, CLICK HERE. Then click on deck plans and choose your cabin.

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How about T.V. and fridge?

Every cabin has a T.V. and mini-fridge. The bigger the cabin, the bigger the T.V. and Fridge. The suites have larger flat screen T.V.’s and Grand, Owner and Royal suites have mini  bars.

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Will my cell phone work?

Most will work when we are within 10 miles of shore or at port depending on your cell phone provider BUT BEWARE. Roaming charges for international calls can be $7-$10 per minute. Little known fact is that’s also $7-$10 for incoming text and phone messages you don’t even answer. You could have a $500 phone bill and never answer a call or text just by leaving your phone on!! For emergencies the ship phones will work almost anywhere but they are even more expensive.

Do yourself a favor and turn your cell phone’re on vacation! IF YOU CAN”T  then, contact your cell phone service provider and purchase a 1 month international contract..usually $30-$50 extra.

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Can I bring my own bottled water?

You could but why bother? The drinking water right out of your cabin faucet on the NEW modern ships is every bit as good as store bought bottled water..better than most bottled water. It’s the same water cleaning system that the military uses on submarines and aircraft carriers. Of course the ship will not mention that because they sell bottled water but you’ll never see the ship staff drinking bottled water. It’s simply a waste of money and from the ships standpoint, why quiet a rumor that would cost them revenue.

On Shore, you can buy bottled water almost anywhere for less than what it costs onboard the ship and that might be a good idea at some ports. Or bring your own water container and just fill it up before you leave the ship. So why drag a case of bottled water with you? Surely you can find something else to put in your luggage.

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Can I bring my bike on board?

Sorry, but on our Rally cruise, only participating vendors and bike builders can bring bikes on board FOR DISPLAY ONLY and listed below are just a few reasons why we feel the experience of riding YOUR  bike a few miles on a Caribbean Island  is not worth the hassle and additional cost.

First of all: WE firmly believe it’s the people that make this rally..not the bikes. Our average age group is 40-60. A more mature veteran rider that has for the most part outgrown the need to sleep with their bike at night and the need to say  “been there, done that”.  Many of our riders have several prized bikes but they value the biker community as much as their  bikes and if we’re going for a road trip we actually like to say we rode more than 60 miles in a WEEK. Which is about all the total miles you can possibly ride if you take your bike with you on a Caribbean cruise. Let’s face it, it’s pretty much just a glamour photo op with you and your bike in an exotic location, some braggin rights to your buddies back at home and the extra income to do it. That generally brings with it a younger, more inexperienced “look at me crowd” and a lot of ego and we prefer characters..leave the ego’s at home. We also feel it makes us look like rich flamboyant Americans in a mostly less than rich country.

The maximum 35 bikes allowed onboard these few specialty group cruises doesn’t work for us: Because, we have as many as 2,000 riders on our High Seas Rally® cruises. The very few cruise ships that do allow bikes have a maximum of 70 riders onboard (that’s with 2 riders on every bike, 35 bikes) and sometimes it's much less. You’re a very small minority. Likewise your cabin selections are very few, since they only reserve a maximum of 35 cabins. Second; our rally is a world-wide rally taking place in November. A large percentage of our rally participants have already prepared their bikes for winter storage. Those that could bring bikes would most likely be those located in close riding or trailoring proximity to the port. We generally have riders from every state in the U.S and several foreign countries; they would be left out along with our other 1900 or so other riders. But just what are they missing?

Even if we could provide the space for 35 bikes as with the small specialty group cruises, there would be a significant upcharge (like theirs) to your current cabin prices to bring your bike. If you don’t ride your bike to the port, the expense of round trip to trailer/ship your bike, paying to park your truck and trailer and your extra travel time expenses could easily run another $1,000, if you live just a few states away from the departure port.

At every port you must awake early (approx. 6am) to get everything in order with customs to depart the ship by 8-9 am. On the islands that allow motorcycles over 500cc, (your bike) all rides onshore are by escort only and stop at the tour conductor recommended restaurants and shops. You have no choice where you ride or stop. Most island roads are left side right-a-way and speed limits are under 45 (second gear). Bringing a large powerful motorcycle is overkill. Sorta like a Hot Rod in downtown NY City. You can’t really enjoy your bike. The Caribbean is not Hawaii. The roads are narrow and in marginal condition and maybe your riding buddy (which you have never rode with before) has a few too many Margaritas. Have you ever dodged a pothole while riding on the wrong side of the road with people you have no riding time with and maybe they don’t have much time riding experience at all? Gotta watch where you put your kickstand down on a heavy’s sand. Accidents can and do happen. Then what? Ship leaves promptly at announced time. Can you imagine what would happen if you had a breakdown, delay or traffic accident, etc?   I doubt AAA would pick up the tow bill. Best to rent light maneuverable scooters, that’s what the roads were made for and any scooter can keep up with your bike on these island roads and speed limits.

Your shore time is totally consumed with your bike. Unloading, refueling, being escorted, cleaning your bike, told where you can and can’t go. No freedom to explore on your own or adventure out. If you think you're upset when it rains at a regular motorcycle event, think of how you would feel after traveling all this way, paying hundreds or thousands more to bring your bike and not being permitted to ride because there is too much sand washed onto the road. By the way, it’s standard cruise ship dress code on their cruises. No vendors, no parties, no prizes, no giveaways, no special fun dress up nights, no grand prize $40,000 giveaway bike, no cash prizes, etc. etc.

So, although the novel idea of unloading your bike from a cruise ship and riding on a far away island may sound good, it’s probably not exactly what you may expect. In this situation; it’s kinda like taking your child with you on a vacation that your child don’t won’t to go on,.. just to show off the child. Our opinion is unless you just gotta have the braggin rights, it's not worth it but if that’s you, we hope you have a great time and the people that provide this service go to a lot of trouble just to make it even possible and deserve every penny they charge. We can’t imagine the liability of putting this together. However, for us, it’s a risk, added expense, and inconvenience we won’t take nor feel it adds to the fun. In short, it’s not our demographics. They are totally different events with totally different personalities. If there were a way that you could be dropped off on one of the larger islands and be picked up the following week and if these islands had real roads like Hawaii, now that could be justified.

Our passengers prefer to spend this one week a year making new biker friends, sharing their riding adventure stories and planning REAL bike road trips with their new found friends. There's more but under the current restraints, we feel that the hassle and worry of bringing your personal bike outweighs the cost, camaraderie, and FUN...and that’s what OUR rally is all about! Just rent a scooter onshore and go where you want! Save $1,000. Hundreds of our passengers do every year and ride in groups much larger than 35 bikes. Still want to ride a Harley or your own bike during your vacation?? Ride your bike to our host hotel. We have secure inside bike storage available and have specia l"Ride to the Rally" incentives for those that do. Take a day or more and cruise Florida or the Keys. Back to Top


Can I make changes to my reservation ?

  • Due to the fact that our events are half ship charters, changes take hours or days to complete and involve sometimes hours of phone calls and paperwork. Therefore it’s important your information be correct at registration. We realize life can cause changes but you must realize dealing with the cruiseline is like dealing with your state government. 
  • Name corrections or passenger substitutions in cabin.

    • Spelling corrections or passenger name changes
      will require a $50.00 per person fee after Aug. 1 (final payment date) so make sure your name is spelled correctly as it appears on your passport when you register.
    • Cabin changes - If you choose to change cabins/categories for any reason once your reservation has been processed, there will be a $50 per cabin
      admin fee
      for the time consuming paperwork involved.
    • Dining changes are subject to availability and cannot be changed after Aug. 1st.
    • TBA passengers - Those unsure of their 2nd passenger must have all their 2nd passenger information listed prior to final payment Aug. 1st or a$50.00 admin fee will be required to add the 2nd person.
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What will I be charged if I cancel?

Cancellation Fees

  • 07/01/11 to 08/30/12 - $600.00 per Cabin
  • 08/31/12 to 09/28/12 - 50% of Total Cabin Cost
  • 09/29/12 to 10/30/12- 100% No Refund
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Why do we only have second dining?

For our first time cruisers, you can eat 24/7 at several different restaurants on the ship. This is included in your cabin price. But you are assigned a table only at evening dining. It is your option whether you attend. You can always eat at one of the other dining locations aboard ship. Evening dining is more of a social get together to exchange your daily adventures, and it is a four star meal.

Early (6:30/First Dining) maybe just slightly more preferred by our age group of bikers, BUT there are several reasons we use only second dining:

--One reason is that we are still onshore at some of our port stops when first dining begins...whch means you miss first dining or you arrive late. Seems especially true on the ship's lobster dinner night, which most likely saves the cruiseline money since many passengers are still onshore and not eating.

--Another is our vendor area, that is still open until 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. during our port stops.

--Yet, another reason is our nightly show time allotted by the cruiseline. Basically we have two choices, the show must take place during first dining times or at 10:15 p.m. after second dining. By scheduling the nightly HSR giveaway shows at 10:15 p.m. none of our passengers are eating dinner and miss our the Giveaway shows.

--Last, is the fact that we have private dining and are given special dress code allowances. No dress up required. This also means our waiters are also dressed in biker attire. By using second dining (last dining of the night), our waiters don't have to change back to formal clothing for the next dining group, as they would have if we had the first dining time.

We will not be requiring formal attire for this cruise.  It's regular biker attire, except on our 2 formal dinner nights, then it will be Leather Required Attire:  You must wear some type of leather to dinner.  Please be discreet!   (Royal Caribbean does have a Code of Conduct.)

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What Travel Documents and identification do I need?
  • Current Passport (passport must be valid for 6 months past the sail date)
  • Photo Drivers License (official State drivers license with photo)

Both of the above are required to board the cruise ship.

NEW U.S. Government New Regulations for U.S. Citizen Passport Requirements As of January 1, 2009 all person must have a current passport to leave and reenter the U.S.

Click here for new passport requirements

To obtain or renew your passports you can check out this web site

Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be prevented from boarding the ship, disembarking or entering a country, and may be subject to fines.  No refunds will be given to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation.

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Can I book my cabin through my travel agent?

Should you purchase a cabin through an outside source, your Travel Agent, Royal Caribbean, etc. You will be EXCLUDED from all High Seas Rally Related events, giveaways, prizes, private parties and leather dining, etc. In other words..your on the ship but not part of our group.

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What type of clothes do we wear?

This ain' t no dress up cruise. This is casual dress, wear the same clothes you would wear at a normal rally, blue jeans and motorcycle t-shirts.  

The two formal nights for dinner we ask that you wear something leather. (Pants, vest, skirt, etc.) Please be discreet. The rest of the time, we will be wearing jeans and t-shirts even for dinner.  No profanity on T-Shirts, please!

We do have 3 nights for a different dress-up. 50's & 60's night and Halloween (Biker Fright Nite). Get down with your bad self and go back in the past (if you want) or join the most unusual Halloween party you have ever seen. We also have a Mutiny Nite. That's our Pirate night and as we have proven in the past "there's a little pirate in every biker". AAARRRRRRRR! It’s very cool to put the fear of mutiny in the regular passengers.These dress up nights are optional of course and lots of fun just to watch if you're not into the dress up thing. You'll get an eye full cause over 1,000 dress up for each of these events. Camera ready!  

Another great reason you don't have to pack as much clothing is the laundry service onboard the cruise ship. Just fill out the laundry list hanging on the back of your cabin door, place the laundry on your bed and 24 hours later it is back and in perfect condition. It's very reasonably priced and takes none of your precious time. We recommend NO starch in the jeans! They will have a crease for two months, it is a fact.

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Do I need travel insurance?

First let’s cover the basic insurance coverage we offer. CSA Trip interruption insurance will reimburse the cost of your cruise, less the price of your insurance, should you be unable to attend the cruise due to a medical condition, or an accident by you, your spouse or an immediate dependant family member. Since our average passenger is between the ages of 40-70, generally speaking most of us have sons and daughters in their upper teens and mid 20’s and parents getting up in age. Combine the fact that we are motorcycle riders and the odds of something happening increase even more. Once you’re on the cruise, we like to have fun and you can easily forget your 50 something. Any small accident (or dumb mistake) will cost you far more than the travel insurance for a visit to the ships infirmary.

Another little known fact is that most standard stateside medical insurance policies do not cover you once you leave the continental U.S. CSA Travel insurance also covers lost luggage, missed flights, etc. Dealing with a couple thousand adventurous bikers every year, we see the need for this insurance. If the CSA travel insurance is not selected when you register, just e-mail or call us to add it to your cruise before final payment. There’s more coverage and you can click here and get all the details. 

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Can I get on this Rally Cruise if  I don't own a motorcycle?

At our rallies FUN is #1! You do not have to own a motorcycle to be one of our registered passengers. However! You must be aware that you will be surrounded by those that do. Keep in mind that our average age group is 40-70 and not always the most politically correct group to hang out with. If you have rode a bike in the past you’ll no doubt fit right in. True most of our passengers are Harley® style riders, but Metric riders are gaining in numbers each year and most of us started on British and Japanese bikes so we know the background. Besides, with the bikes at home you'll never know the difference. We like to think of this rally as a melting pot of "Fun-Attics" from all bike brands, clubs and groups from all over the world with a little general public thrown in for flavor.

Although the majority of our passengers have no club affiliation, from previous rallies we've had as many as 126 different clubs and organizations from all 50 U.S. states both coast of Canada, Alaska, Newfoundland, England, Belgium, U.K., Germany, Brazil, Australia even soldiers home from Iraq on the ship at the same time. 

If your open minded, fun loving and want to enjoy’ll fit right in.

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How early do I need to arrive if I make my own travel arrangements?

You should plan to arrive at the pier at least two hours before the ship is scheduled to depart. (at this time departure is set for  4:00pm, this time is subject it change by cruise lines) Boarding times varies by itinerary. Please check your cruise on line boarding documents for confirmed boarding time. It is your responsibility to arrive on time. In preparation for prompt departure, cruise check-in will close 30 minutes prior to sailing.  Guests arriving after will not be permitted to board.

See the Transportation page for more info.

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Can I use my Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor numbers on the HS Rally?

Yes you can use your Crown & Anchor numbers to get credit for your cruise and receive your coupon booklets from RCCL, on all HS Rally cruises.  Make sure you fill type in your Crown and Anchor #'s when you apply for for your online pre-boarding documents on the RCCL web site approx. 3 months prior to the cruise. We'll prompt you per e-mail newsletter.

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Are children allowed on the Rally Cruise?
Royal Caribbean does have terrific children programs, however our cruise is during the school year and there have been very few onboard our sailing week in the past.  You make that choice! I have had nothing but good reports from those very few of our passengers that have brought their children.

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What if I get sea sick?

Many of our rally participants are 1st time flyers and 1st time cruisers. Although our cruises are generally very smooth, here’s Debbie’s remedy for motion sickness ...GINGER! Visit your local Health Food Store and purchase some ginger root. Debbie likes Natures Way brand of ginger root. This is the same ginger you use to cook with in your kitchen. The Ginger comes in capsule form. You take 2 capsules every 4 hours when you experience or expect motion sickness, continue taking it for the length of the cruise when you are onboard the ship. Debbie takes the ginger first thing in the morning, again before the evening meal, and right before bed.  Ginger has no side effects and is a natural cure. No dopey feeling or dry mouth symptoms like you get with over the counter medications or sea sickness patches. It has successfully cured her motion sickness from roller coaster rides to car sickness to cruising.  Please make sure you are not allergic to ginger, we only offer a suggestion and are in no way medical professionals. A few years ago the TV show "Myth Busters" proved ginger was the only cure.

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Need A Wheelchair?

The cruise line has a very few wheelchairs primarily for loading and unloading or medical emergencies but there is a company that works with the cruise line to provide RENTAL wheelchairs. Both motorized and simple fold-up type. The company delivers the wheelchair to your cabin prior to you boarding the ship. You just leave the wheelchair in your room when the cruise is over. The wheelchair company name is Care Vacations. Phone # 877-478-7827. Their website is   If renting a motorized wheelchair..check with us to make sure your cabin has space for it.

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Renewing your wedding vowels, getting married or proposing on the ship?

The cruise line has dozens of ways, prices and locations for you to arrange this very special event. Just click here for the info.

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Are we ( the developers Dean & Debbie Anderson) coming on the Rally Cruise?

Of Course!  We don't  sublet our event out to someone else  that knows nothing about it. We are the company. You will see us everyday. We will be announcing all prize winners every night, shaking hands, asking questions, present at all biker events, and are presently setting up onshore biker events at the ports of call.  Check back on the web site monthly for more upcoming fun and adventure on the RALLY NEWS page.  We're determined to make this Rally your best!

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