Parrrties - Ship & Shore



Except for our Bon Voyage “get–together” party, you must show your High Seas Rally I.D armband to enter and receive our special HSR discounts, special prices, etc.

Our Island party locations all display a  High Seas Rally welcome banner. Each of our parties are different and all have different characteristics. All are friendly to non alcohol drinkers and none are routie or out of control. Don’t get us’s grown-up fun. The longer the parties go on the “friskier” the bikers get but it’s very unlikely you’ll see or experience any rude manors. We pride ourselves on fun for everyone at the parties not just those that drink. There will be areas at some of the party locations that will be a little more risqué than other sections. The food at all these locations is good also. If you are a our Caribbean parties the drinks are cheap and very potent and we have “special” drink packages at all our Caribbean party locations. At the on-ship Halloween costume party the drinks are FREE for the first hour..on us. These parties are called “world class fun” by our passengers and the media for a reason.

Even if you were never a party person, you owe it to yourself to spend at least a couple hours at more than one. 



Bon Voyage Party - The Radisson at the Port

The night before every Western Caribbean Rally cruise we have a Bon Voyage Party at our Host hotel, The Radisson at the Port. Compared to our parties on the ship and islands it’s more of a pre-cruise get together. Don’t get me wrong, we usually book out 4 hotels for this “get together”. Over 1,000 attend every year. Just another opportunity to get to know new biker friends and re-acquaint with past rally cruisers before you board. We usually debut the grand prize giveaway bike here and you’ll get the chance to meet a few celebrities. It’s a perfect location that will get you in that tropical mood. To get a room at the Radisson you have to say you’re with the High Seas Rally when you call and book early. Sometimes they sell out almost a year in advance.
We have other nearby hotels listed on our website.

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Biker Fright Night - Halloween Costume Party onboard Ship

Since Halloween is during our cruise week..why not. It’s not enough that all the regular cruise passengers are ready to jump ship at the sight of 2,000 bikers, we thought we would add to the panic. Honestly, this is the most out of sight party with the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen and we’ve organized some of the best. You don’t have to wear a costume to be part of the fun but the ones that do..put on a show. We spend about $60,000 on this party alone every year. FREE drinks the first hour on us, light food and a DJ. With our music. You won’t want to leave! Just don’t go trick or treating after the party.

Falmouth, Jamaica - CHECK BACK. Details Coming Soon!

New for 2011. Falmouth is replacing our Ocho Rios stop in Jamaica. As of this writing, it is not yet accepting any ships. It appears to be a big change from Ocho Rios. Very tropical of course but very historical, much like Colonial Williamsburg Va.  Much slower pace.We just don't have much to go on at this point until it's completion. Concerns over some passenger safety issues in certain areas of Ocho Rios may have prompted the move. Don't worry, we'll check it out and have plenty of suggestions as soon as it opens. We're sure you'll like it and there will be excursions to both Ocho Rios (our old stompin grounds) and Montego Bay from the Falmouth Port.




Grand Cayman — Margaritaville

This is really an upscale super nice place with very friendly management. This party is not as intense as there place in Ocho Rios and that's a good thing because you most likely will want to dial it back a notch to recover. Food here is really great and there's a bigger dance area.
They also have a water slide bar, and more room to party.

Official Poker Walk Stop

Cozumel, Mexico — Carlos'N Charlies

I don't know what else to say... except this party is for the serious!!!!!!! It's hard to imagine 1,000+ plus bikers at this location. Again, staff is great & very interactive!! Lots of laughing, singing, dancing, etc. and when the manager rides his Harley up through the bar the place goes wild! Carlos'n' Charlie's is totally different. Anyway, if you were there for any length of time for our past rallies it was permanently burned into your memory. It's a must even if you don't drink, just to watch the staff, read the walls and listen to the best get up and dance music of the week. This is Mexican style FUN!!

Official Poker Walk Stop


Cozumel, Mexico — Senoir Frogg's

Senior Frogg’s: Located directly above Carlos N Charlies in Cozumel.  Take the escalator just to your left of the entrance of Carlos N Charlies. Very similar atmosphere to Carlos N Charlies with an even bigger dance floor and an ocean view. If it’s a warm day, there is always a breeze upstairs at Senior Frogg’s and that can be important when you work up a sweat having fun.


Cozumel, Mexico— Margaritaville

New addition since late 2007, this may just be Jimmy’s best location yet. Directly on and over the ocean. Great snorkeling right from the deck in crystal clear water. When the ocean is calm, they provide parasailing and snuba. Entire area open to the ocean, large dining and band area. You can lay in the sun and hold your hand up when you’re thirsty or join in on the party action. Get to hot, go for a swim. If the weather is good and the water smooth, this location has a lot to offer and could in the future be our #1 Jimmy's Buffett party location.