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Ride To The Rally

BEGINNING THIS YEAR: A NEW addition to those that want to
“Ride to the Rally” has been added.

Biggest Group to ride in?
We’ll give each rider a FREE steak dinner on the ship at CHOPS GRILL.
Our cost $20 per person.

Oldest Bike to ride in under its own power?

FREE storage for the week

Most miles rode to the ship?

FREE set of NEW tires from Night Mare Customs.
All will receive a special “Ride to the Rally” patch.

Also, if you ride your bike, you can now ship your luggage to the bike storage location
(via UPS or Fed Ex) and they will deliver both you and your luggage to the Hotel when you arrive.
See our Transportation/Hotels page of the 2011 Caribbean website.

Contact : Jay Hood, Operations Manager and biker at 321-784-8120 or 321-784-8120 or email at jhood@cruise-aid.com.

Call Jay Hood, Operations Manager and biker at 321-784-8120 to reserve or email at jhood@cruise-aid.com .  
For 2010, storage intake times will be on Saturday Oct. 30 (day before the cruise) from 12 noon – 3PM and pick up times on Sunday Nov. 6th (day the ship returns) from 8-12 noon. Earlier pickups can be arranged, but shuttle service will run from ship during 9am-12 only. American Cruise-Aid Logistics Storage

Warehouse is located only 1.3 miles from our host hotel (The Radisson) at 9008 Marlin Street, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920.

  Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, margarita in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming...


If you are a current 2011 passenger and are not receiving our newsletter please email us and let us know!!!

Also if you are a past HSR passenger and are not receiving information about up coming rallies or just haven't heard from us through a newsletter please email us to update your information. dean@highseasrally.com

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Future High Seas Rally Plans

10th Anniversary Western Caribbean November 2012

Please do not call about the future rallies. If you are on our newsletter list you will receive advanced notice of the opening of any High Seas Rally before it is posted on our website. Click on link above to sign up for our newletter.

Since this rally is mostly a word of mouth event, we thought we would reward the ones that spread the word. Rather than spend $6,000 on magazine ads to attract NEW passengers, we would rather give the $6,000 to our passengers that recruit NEW passengers.  So, each rally cruise we split the cash between the top 10 groups/clubs that attend our High Seas Rally. If you’re not part of an official club..no big deal... just give your group a name when you register. Get creative! We’ve had some real zingers!


 Largest Groups/Clubs

$ 6000 Cash Giveaway 


$6,000 Cash for the largest registered passenger groups/clubs recognized from 1st through 10th place.

1st Place: Group/Club with the most registered passengers receives $3,000

2nd through 5th place with the most registered passengers will draw for $2,000

2nd Place: 4 tickets in the drawing.

3rd Place: 3 tickets in the drawing.

4th Place: 2 tickets in the drawing.

5th Place: 1 ticket in the drawing.

6th Place Through 10th Place:  with the most registered passengers will draw for $ 1,000.00

Each place 6th to 10th will recieve 1 ticket in the drawing


Not part of a club?
Just give your group a name! Cash will be given directly to the participants to do with as they please.

Last year we had 109 clubs/groups from 48 states plus Both coast of Canada, Newfoundland, Europe and Germany, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, and soldiers on leave from Iraq.

Group Standings as of 05/27/11
Count Group/Club Name City State
41 Can-Americans   AB
28 Keyston Kruzers (formally ERIE HOG)   PA
24 Hillbilly Mtn Cruisers   WV
20 Pacific Coast HOG   CA
18 Suburban Milwaukee HOG   WI
16 Folsom HOG   CA
16 Starbuckanears   PA
16 Tree Tribe   WI
13 Palmetto Hellraisers   SC
12 Blackbeard's Nightmare   NC
12 Groupless   FL
12 West Coast HOG Gone Wold   CA
The Can-Americans seem to have 2011 and the $3000.00 CASH in the bag but you never know as it’s not too late to get your bunk space.  The drawing for $2000.00 CASH for 2nd-5th place and $1000.00 for 5th-10th is WAY too close to call. Only FOUR (4) people separate Keystone Kruzers (formally Erie HOG) from the Hillbilly Cruisers for 2nd place and  Pacific Coast HOG and Suburban Milwaukee HOG continue to battle it out to make it into the top five being  only TWO (2) apart. Suburban Milwaukee HOG is hanging on to 5th place. .  It's still Anybody's for the takin to round out the top 10 as the Starbucknears, Tree Tribe and Folsom HOG remain in a THREE WAY TIE at 16 and Blackbeard's Nightmare, Groupless  and West Coast HOGS Gone Wild are tied at 12.  Palmetto Hellraisers are stuck in the middle between both tied groups at 13.  So IT”S NOT TO LATE TO TAKE HOME THE CASH. Get your groups last minute procrastinators off the fence and get them on board today!!!


Because there is a lot of cash involved, we’ve have had to come up with 2 rules:

  • To be part of the $6,000 cash giveaway GROUP contest, you must register with a group name when you purchase your cabin. We do give you an “oops, I forgot” grace period of 60 days after your registration date cause AAARRRR memory ain’t what it use to be or maybe you just found out some of your local friends registered.
  • All registered members of the group must also be within a tri-state area distance.

Here’s why:
The website group standings contest is for small primarily local groups to compete in the cash prize group standings giveaway. Large nation-wide groups such as H.O.G., ABATA, AMA, BLUEKNIGHTS, etc. would always win the group contests if we did not break them up into smaller local or state size chapters. Keeping the contestants from close nit areas allows everyone a chance at the prize money. The reason we don’t allow additions to groups 60 days after registration is to prevent “already registered” rally participants from joining forces with other registered groups (usually in the last 90 days)to win the cash. Remember although this is a competition it has to remain FUN. Once you’re on this rally cruise you’re all part of 1 big exclusive group anyway and you don’t have to be part of any group to have ALMOST TOO MUCH FUN. More than 60% of our passengers are not part of any group at all!

We will not accept changes in groups after the final payment date (08/01/11) however, you can be added to a group if you are a new registration.

CREWMEMBERS of the 2011 High Seas Rally that need to generate excitement or a new easy fund raiser for your group or club. Check out the link below for information on how you can raffle off a High Seas Rally ® cabin as a FUNd raiser.

HSR - Fund Raiser Information