Who We Arrrr!



Both Dean & Debbie were born and raised in rural West Virginia. High school sweethearts, they married shortly after Dean joined the Army for a 3 year stint in 1973. Dean's first bike when he was a teenager was a 1962 Sears Allstate 250. That's right Sears Roebuck made motorcycles. Dean rebuilt the bike from scratch. You can laugh now because he had that bike until 1985. Want a better laugh? Dean kept his first 24" 1960 Huffy bicycle until 1995. He also bought and still uses his only riding lawn tractor since 1975 and has had the same 1963 Corvette since 1974. It is safe to say he likes old machinery. In 1981 they moved to Waynesboro, VA. Dean was reluctant to move to far away from his beloved mountains, and with the Blue Ridge Parkway at their back door, they have been there ever since. In '92 Dean broke bad and ordered a NEW '93 red Fatboy® and waited the 11 months for 1 of only 3 Fatboys® his local dealer would get that year (which he still has). Before he took the back seat off he asked Debbie if she wanted to try riding again.

Debbie had a mini bike accident at age 9 and was terrified to ride. Dean finally talked her into hopping on to ride around the block. One year later after a motorcycle course and some practice on Dean's Fatboy®, she was riding her own new '94 Heritage Nostalgia®. and embarrassing lots of guys and yes,,they still have that bike also. In 2000, Dean also purchased a Confederate, which is his all time favorite. Also owns a super nice shovel. No, he never sells anything.
The gearhead has 11 vehicles, from motorcycles to muscle cars to a motorhome. Yes, he was a mechanic for years..that’s how he keeps them all going and Debbie knows more about cars and bikes than most men. They have also never owned an automatic.

After working 70 hours a week for 11 years at their own tool franchise, they (Dean & Debbie) retired in 2001. They were determined to enjoy their hobbies, which included anything that had an engine and traveling. Of course one of their hobbies was motorcycle rallies, shows and events.

Like most seasoned riders, they have been to the BIG rallies several times. Daytona, Sturgis, Myrtle Beach, York Open House, countless H.O.G.® state rallies and most bike shows in between. They still loved the events but the price gouging, weather, worry about bike theft and the same old carbon copy thing was getting to them. Despite a little excitement now and then, the cold hard fact was, they were facing hobby burnout. Their fun hobby was becoming stressful, expensive and even boring but they loved the biker people. Unwilling to give up their motorcycle hobby and the good people they like to socialize with, something had to change.

Phase 1
Rather than give up their favorite hobby and the people they enjoy spending time with, they decided to offer a completely new rally alternative. An event that would breathe new life, FUN, and adventure into the word "rally". What better way to end your riding season (for most of us) than the most carefree environment in the world - the warm Caribbean. One of the largest cruise ships in the world had everything they were looking for. One set regular price (no price gouging) great weather (usually 80 - 85 degrees) and if it rains, the option to stay inside the floating city & wake up tomorrow 300-400 miles away at another tropical location. No setting in one rainy spot for 7 days. No worries about our bikes, but more biker camaraderie than ever!

They had cruised several times in the past and understood the attraction. Any travel agent can book a group cruise (But they weren’t travel agents). The challenge was turning it into a “biker friendly” rally cruise. As you view the website keep in mind this had never been attempted before nor copied since and at times they learned why not, but forged ahead anyway. Choosing the right cruise line, the right ship, and then having them accept their concept was another challenge.

From past cruising experience Royal Caribbean's "Voyager class mega-ship" was their first and only choice at the time, considering these were the only ships that had room for vendors. These were the most celebrated mega ships on the planet. Having key staff people aboard ship and in high ranking positions that were motorcycle riders was a big help while they explained to the bean counters that motorcycle riders weren't what you see in 1960's movies. The cruseline agreed to an initial half ship charter with the option to add rooms and the blessing of one high ranking fellow motorcycle rider (Royal Caribbean's captain of security) and began trying to change the image that not only the cruise line but the shore stop business locations had of the word BIKERS. Not to mention the money and hard work, but you will figure that out later.

Anyway, after spending their life savings and writing checks for phone bills that are more than most house payments, it happened. The first item they changed was the dress code. It's regular biker attire. Oh yeah! Guys will like this rally as much as the women. Dean’s job was to make this unique rally above all, “biker friendly” and invent new games and set up the onshore parties, while Debbie concentrated on the cruise line’s massive paperwork load that makes government paperwork look simple. Dean wouldn’t change jobs with her for nothing.

Why a rally on a cruise ship?

Since we’re talking about the Caribbean, first the date, the first week of November has something to do with it. As a worldwide rally, much of the riding season is winding down due to colder weather. Why should that stop a rally? It wouldn't on a November cruise ship in the Caribbean. Motorcycle riders come together at rallies for several reasons.

•    To socialize with friends that have a common interest, swap stories and make new friends.

•    To travel to new and exciting locations (Can't get much newer and exciting than this)

•    To see the newest motorcycle vendor products  

•    To take your most anticipated vacation

•    To Party

•    And of course ride your bike.

But the rally season is over by November and 2/3 of the world is water...why not rally there?

•    We have exciting beautiful warm tropical locations

•    Motorcycle vendors onboard ship giving away more than $120,000 in FREE prizes. Plus one or more FREE $30-$50,000 grand prize bike’s  and up to $80,000 in cash winners.

•    Latest and greatest motorcycle products—usually with the company owners are minding the booth

•    Probably the best socializing environment found anywhere

•    New FUN Biker Events / Games

•    Unbelievable personal service

•    Legendary Onshore Parties

•    Great Food 24/7


Since it's nearing winter, or in some cases already winter in November we hope you won't miss your bike too much - although you can ride your bike to Port Canaveral, FL and leave it in a guarded secure parking garage. Or do as many did last year, arrive at the port a couple days early and rent a bike. You can also rent scooters in Grand Cayman and Cozumel or a wave runner in Labadee.

Things you WON'T have to worry about on this rally

•    Transportation - once on the ship you'll see world-class scenery everyday effortlessly.

•    Food - also world class 24 hours a day.

•    Room - with a spectacular view and full room service.

•    Entertainment - Vendor trade show, bike events, games, shows, tech seminars, casinos, bars, and ship entertainment. It's a moving Vegas with tropical island stops. World class onshore rally parties & excursions. Beautiful Caribbean scenery and a completely different enviroment.

•    Theft - No more constantly watching for bike theft or damage or cleaning your bike up every day. We’ve also found that without the bikes, there are no ego’s and much more socializing.

•    Also, NO tipping required on the ship. Your gratuities are included in our price of your room.

Weather, although it's Nov. expect mid 80's both air and water and if it rains we are in a floating city that moves 300 miles every night with plenty of entertainment and all the food you can eat included.

Giveaways: Although we can't promise everyone will be a winner. Our Caribbean Rally cruises average $186,000 in FREE random drawing vendor prizes ( no purchase necessary) and another $160,000 in cash game winners. Split between an average of 1800 bikers..that's good odds. We also collected, through our games, over $182,895 for our HOHS Dialysis Fund. These donations provide our kidney dialysis rally passengers with a free cabin, free airfare, FREE kidney dialysis treatments during our 7 day rally and $400 dollars in spending money. For more info. visit our HOHS DIALYSIS FUND page on our website. We can't think of another rally that can even compete in actual giveaways (not raffles).

For MOST it will be the adventure of a lifetime, for others their first glimpse of the Caribbean, for everyone the most fun you have ever had at a rally. Why are we doing this? Big business has taken over the rallies. Rooms, vendor space, food, parking, EVERYTHING is double or triple the price it was the week before the rally..some places even raise the price of gas the week of the rally and besides we can't stay land locked forever. That would mean 2/3 of the world is off limits!

This will be the least expensive 7-day rally you've ever been to. Why?

INCLUDED in your cabin price:

•    Room (immaculately maintained - spectacular views)

•    Welcome Packet : Rally patch, pin, back pack, leather passport holder, magnetic door plaque with your name and state, bottle of champagne in your cabin and several more additional extras every year plus a 1 hour souvenir rally dvd filmed by our TV crew.

•    Food (all you can eat onboard 24-7)

•    All the entertainment (events, games, shows, giveaways, etc).

•    Vendor trade shows

•    Tech seminars

•    Bike Events / Games

•    On-ship gratuities

•    Great odds of winning major prizes

•    Casual Dress (jeans & t-shirts) same as a regular rally

•    Leather required attire for the two formal night dinners

•    4-World  World Class EXCLUSIVE party locations: Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel and Carlos 'n' Charlie's at Cozumel.with Discount drink and food packages at all our onshore party locations. Plus an on-ship FREE drinks for the first hour, Biker Fright Night party.

•    Great weather

•    Tropical destinations

And because the rally can be no larger than 3,000 you'll get to know and talk with friends & make more new friends than any other rally.

We're working hard to make sure you pay less, not more, just because you're motorcycle riders.

Exclusive, World Class FUN party locations: Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel and Carlos 'n' Charlie's at Cozumel.

See new places, the Western Caribbean:

Labadee, Hispaniola

Falmouth, Jamaica

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Cozumel, Mexico

And for some, a dream vacation and rally seeing the Caribbean for the first time.

Phase 2

They just keep gettin' better!

Our rally passengers soon got the urge to see more exotic and adventurous destinations by ship and we have since adapted this formula to the Alaskan Adventure and the Mexican Riviera rally cruises. So, after 8 years and 12 rally cruises under our belts in the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera & Alaska, these rallies are now rated in the Top 10 of all U.S. Motorcycle events. If there was a rating for FUN, GIVEAWAYS AND SOCIALIZING per participant, there would be nothing to compare our rallies to! And that's exactly how we want it...like nothing else in the World. Each different rally location has a different character but the basic theme stays the same. It's all about the best people in the world having the most fun possible in beautiful exotic places.

This definitely ain' t no copy-cat rally! So battin' down the hatches for a totally different, fun filled rally outside the box. You won't be able to wipe the smile off your face.