Crewmember Login

If you're a new crewmember or have sailed with High Seas Rally before and have not yet registered through the new website, please click here and complete the requested information.

What is a Crewmember?

Once your registration is complete, you will become an official High Seas Rally Crewmember. Of course that also holds true for any of our past rally passengers. There are no dues, this is not a club, no one will sell your information, nothing to keep up with. It's just our pirate slang for our past & current passengers. Just a collection of scalawags who have sailed the seven seas as part of the High Seas Rally. A very very exclusive, social biker group.

Can I buy High Seas Rally Merchandise?

Rally Merchandise is exclusive to current or past passengers who have sailed with High Seas Rally. High Seas Rally Merchandise is not available to the general public. Our system will check to see if you are a crewmember. If not you will be blocked from purchasing merchandise.