Rally Vendors

Providing the ship has a secure space to accommodate motorcycle displays and vendors, we always try to have 10-20 of the best NEW motorcycle products aboard ship. This cruise however has presented some challenges.

1st problem. No Vendor area like all our other Caribbean rally cruises. After cruising the ship I did find a great spot but not big enough for more than 6 vendor displays. Problem #2, their displays had to fit in an elevator to be moved to deck 10 poolside. Do to small elevator size, motorcycles and some of our loyal past vendors could not attend BUT we got some GREAT vendors again. Each vendor will be giving away a minimum of $4,000 in additional prizes to our games and raffles. 

Click on the links below and check out their website products and make your wish list before you board. All purchases will be drop shipped to your home location.

Click on the logos below to check out each vendor’s website.



Primary Vendors