Rally Vendors

Providing the ship has a secure space to accommodate motorcycle displays and vendors, we always try to have 10-20 of the best NEW motorcycle products aboard ship. in the past we ( HSR) have paid for their vendor area spot, storage, food while in the vendor area, TV programming, longshoreman loading, even paying for their balcony cabins the first 8 years and we still give them $1,000 on the last day if they do a good job,so we can be picky.

In return, they must give away to our passengers a minimum of $5,000 each of their product at our random drawings and game prizes. Some vendors every year give away over $15,000 of their product. Each cruise the vendors giveaways average about $100,000 in FREE prizes to our passengers. All you have to do is be present to win. You’ll also see the latest and greatest products that most likely the public won’t see until the following year and most vendor reps are the heads of those companies. We constantly add and rotate vendors. So check back later to see the list grow. On cruises that space CANNOT be provided for vendors,( Alaska) we purchase approx. $80-$100,000 in gift certificates from some of our past vendors to give them away as FREE prizes.

There has been NO on board vendor decision made yet for 2017 as space and loading is an issue on this ship.

We also have editors from  national motorcycle magazines on board almost every cruise.

Oh Yeh! We do have a few celebrities, Nascar drivers, country music singers, etc. from time to time. Come see who's with us this year!

Click on the logos below to check out each vendor’s website.

Since this rally is more than a year away, check back as 2015 Vendors will be added and their logos and website links posted.


Primary Vendors


Secondary Vendors/Sponsors