Air Transportation

We do not book airfare BUT we have some Helpful Hints when making your air and ground Transportation Arrangements.

There are several advantages to coming in a day or two early:

Less stress in case your flights are delayed! Which does happen.

Gives you extra time in case of inclement weather at your home location. This cruise is early December so no fear of hurricanes in Florida but northern U.S. could have snow,etc.

  • Normally the cruiseline reserves many airline flights for there booking customers on the ship sailing day but since we have the whole ship, looks like our group will be booking most of the flights for the first time. (Monday this cruise) Flights choices should be more readily available to the port on days prior to boarding days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Monday Dec. 4 is our cruise)
  • Best of all coming in early gives you a chance to start the comarodary early at our chosen hotels and enjoy this great Tampa Bay area.


There are 2 airports to choose from. Tampa International (TPA) ) only 6 miles away, 30 air carrier choices,15 minute ride at most. Shuttles to hotels and cruise ship. Plenty of rental cars. Ranked as 7th best airport worldwide. What else can I say? 

St. Pete-Clearwater International (PIE) 17 miles away. Small airport, smaller crowds, Allegiant airlines only well known airline that flies there. Low fares when you can book Allegiant though. We did this flight too and had a 12 hour delay on a direct 2 hour flight. Yes, we would have missed the boat. We recommend coming in a day early here.

If you are booking air arrangements to Tampa on the same day we sail (Monday) and same day we return:

  • Arrival Flights on Dec. 4 should arrive no later than 12:30pm. You must be on the ship by 2:00pm--that's cutting it close and hoping there are no flight delays!  (TPA) airport is only 15 minutes away. We still recommend coming in at least 1 day early. Things happen and if they happen to miss the cruise!
  • Departure Flights on Dec 11th ( return) we recommend you book your departure flight no earlier than 10:30 am. and be in the first group off the ship. Remember, you have to pick up your luggage, check through the ship customs, grab a cab, it's a 15 minute cab ride to the airport, check threw airport security and be checked in for your flight 1 hour prior to flight time. Usually you can depart the ship at 7:30 am if you have an early flight. Just make sure to get first off luggage tags from the ships front desk.
  • Great option for later flights!!
    Should your return flight home from the cruise be scheduled for late afternoon. For $3.00 you can actually check your luggage at the ship terminal, check out the town and pick your luggage up later that afternoon. How cool is that?

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  Ground Tranfers

Shuttle Transfers and Car Rentals from Airport

Those not renting a car:  We have great news. We've made arrarangements with a transportation company to provide both shuttle and bus transfers from Tampa International airport (TPA) to the hotel, from the hotel to the port and on return from the port back to the airport. 

  • Airport to hotel is $11 
  • From hotel to ship is $5
  • Round trip airport to hotel, to ship and back to airport is $25
  • For $5 more they will e-mail you your transfet tickets so there is no cash changing hands and be waiting for you at every transfer.

To reserve your ride, Contact Blue One Transportation at 813-927-3602 or 813-282-7351 e-mail at They will need your arrival time if you're flying. Don't forget to mention you are with the High Seas Rally group!


Budget, Avis and Enterprise car rental companies are at this airport and in volume. Should have no trouble renting a car.

Many taxis also and it's only a 15 minute ride to your hotel or port at most. Just 5 minute ride from hotel to port.

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   Directions to Tampa Terminal

Address for your Garmin or Google maps is:
World Trade Center/Tampa Bay
1101 Channelside Drive
Tampa, Fl.
Driving: Parking at the terminal: Very easy.                                                                                                                                                        
Parking is directly across from the terminal about not even 50 yards. Depending on how much luggage you have..the only thing you lose is the time it takes you to drag that luggage to get in line. Cost is $105.00 for the week paid when you park.
Even better: Especially if you are bringing the kitchen sink in your luggage.Valet park with The Car ParkPull up to the terminal, you or they will unload your luggage. You pay $125 by credit card. You get a  ticket  #.They park your car. You call them when the ship comes back in port, they move your car down right beside the terminal exit, you load your luggage and your off. Very professional. Your radio station is the same, seat is not know like it should be. They are even well dressed and speak good English.
RV Parking: We were told it's yes at $30 per day but best to call 813-369-9736 or 813-247-2900 to clarify size and space for your rig.