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H.S.R. Rally Hotels


 As always, before we recommend and block any rooms at any hotel, we inspect all aspects of that hotel, spend 1 night at that hotel and eat a meal there. Why? Because we don't just book the cruise, we organize every aspect of our events so our passengers get only the best.

Not all hotels are biker friendly...those listed below are
and both of them will take care of our group as we expect.

  2019 Contracts have been signed and prices agreed upon and listed below. However, due to NEW hotel policy, group bookings cannot begin earlier than 355 days in advance. So reservations opened (DEC.10) for our 2019 sailing.

Our Tampa Bay Port Hotel Area for 2019:

So convenient and so much to do:
Unlike the quiet, laid back tropical feel of Port Canaveral,Tampa Bay presents much much more to see and do before you get on the ship. Our 2 designated hotels are just across the street from each other on or near the water. The Tampa Bay Lightning Pro hockey arena is just a couple football fields length away, Tampa Bay Bucaneers Pro Football stadium is just a couple miles away. The waterfront is as close as a few feet where you can rent boats or take water taxi's throughout Tampa bay waterfront or maybe see a concert right on the waterside. All day $5 Trollie right between our hotels takes you to shopping areas and Ybor (there version of Burbon Street in New orleans) while passing our ship terminal and the Florida State aquarium. Bars, restaurants, boardwalk, parks and civic center all right there at your hotels.  2 Harley shops less than 6 miles away. AND believe it or not, very little car traffic in this area! It's really nice that they seperated the business side of town from the recreational/tourist side of town. So lots to do and see if you get in a day or 2 early and meet and re-untite with your sailing buddies. As you can imagine, all these things to do made for a tough time securing these hotels at these great locations. P.S. this is a pirate town with the Bucaneer Pro football team so it fits our logo perfect. "There's a little Pirate in every Biker".
Due to all these activities surrounding these 2 hotels and their perfect location, we could only initially block 600 rooms. That's the full hotel of the Embassy and half of the larger Marriott. 600 rooms roughly means a room for only 1200 people. We'll have 2000+ bikers on this ship. The question of adding more rooms at the Marriott at our discounted rates all depends on the Jan.1 announcement of the the Pro hockey and Pro football schedule. Should there be a game the weekend of our blocked rooms and you don't book early...you'll be miles away from our recommended hotels and our group. 
What days should I book? Ship sales Saturday, Nov. 30. Must be on the ship by 2pm. Ships are like airlines..once the gate closes...you can go back home. Our blocked hotel room dates are Wednesday 27th, Thursday the 28th, Friday the 29th and on return, Saturday the 7th, Sunday the 8th, and Monday the 9th.. If you are flying,we strongly recommend you book a MINIMUM of 1 day in advance (Friday) just incase of flight delay, weather,etc. For example, just look at this years fires on the West Coast and floods and huricanes on the East Coast and snow storms in central U.S. You just never know and an extra day may have been all you needed to not miss this cruise.Best to book for both Thursday and Friday (28th and 29th) and meet a couple hundred new friends as they arrive, enjoy the area, get used to the warm climate, relax and join our Bon Voyage party. Last choice, for risk takers..fly in on Saturday. Although the airport is close by, make sure your plane is on the ground by 12 noon. We don't recommend the stress unless you just can't help it.
For those unfamiliar with our HSR hotel OPENING announcements. Our HSR hotels sell out just as fast as our prized balcony rooms on the cruise. Last cruise our hotels sold out in 24 hrs. of opening day. If you miss the first day of hotel sales, you run the chance of booking a hotel miles from our group and that means you'll also miss a whole lot of group fun even before the ship sails. Please let us know ASAP if you have had an e-mail change since registering for the cruise. All registered 2019 passengers will be notified per e-mail newsletter on opening date. Good Luck and hope to see you there.
Parking at our Hotels for those that drive or ride: 
Parking at our hotels in Tampa is like most cruise ports. They are very proud of their hotel parking and all valet parking. It’s a union thing. At least we did get our group discounted from $22 to $18 per night. Of course if you ride your bike, they won’t be parking motorcycles. You’ll park your motorcycles 2 or 3 to a spot under cover for less than half price. All cars will have to park at the port  during the cruise week. See Transportation page for Port parking info.
Car Rentals: Both our hotels listed below offer car rental and drop off right at the hotel.
Tampa International Airport: (TPA) Just 9 miles away. 15 minute taxi or shuttle to our hotels or port and just 3/4 mile from our recommended hotels to our ships port terminal. Check out our "Travlin Ways" section of this website for more info on air travel recommendations.
HUGE downtown renovation is taking place and will be complete before we arrive. 3 BILLION being spent in preperation for the 2020 Superbowl. Our host hotels are spending $90 million alone and what's already finished LOOKS GREAT!

Embassy Suites, Tampa Downtown:


High Seas Rally Group Pricing: .
$10 million renovation. Complete inside makeover for all rooms, lobby, bar and restaurant. Much more seating inside lobby than last year. Located only 100 feet from the down town trolley shuttle pick up point to Ybor City ( Tampa's version of New Orleans), adjoining the parking lot to the National Hockey League rink, the undercover parking lot, the enclosed walkway to the civic center and only a couple hundred feet from the outdoor harbor entertainment area.
  • We (High Seas Rally) have this entire hotel
  • FREE made to order breakfast ($20-$25 per person value) in this area of Tampa and it was great!
  • FREE drinks and light snacks from 5:30-7:30 pm. That’s not a misprint.  
  • Parking is Valet only unless you have a bike. $23 per night for auto. Motorcyle prices are $12.
  • Starbucks coffee shop and Trolleys American Café/ Bar, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Avis and Budget Car rental and drop off. Rent at the airport-drop off at hotel or rent when you get there.
  • The FREE breakfast and FREE evening drinks need to be taken into consideration on this price. 
  • 1 Night NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit required at time of booking.
These rates are good for 3 days prior Wed-Friday night 11/27-11/30.
Prices   Single Rate     Doubles Rate        Triple Rate         Quad Rate
               $185.00               $185.00              $200.00            $215.00
*Hotel Room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes (currenty 12%)
                                      *1 day non-refundable deposit *
WHEN BOOKING BY PHONE: Must mention you’re with the High Seas Rally™ group
High Seas Rally booking link

Reservations by phone 8:30 am till 5:30pm East Coast Time
Embassy phone number for reservations 813-769-8300 press 1 
Street Address:
513 S. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL. 33602



Tampa Marriott Waterside: Across the Street from Embassy Suites

Only 21 rooms left for Wed/Thur/ and Fri.

 High Seas Rally Group Pricing:  
Tampa Marriott Waterside: $50 million in renovations. All rooms, outdoor and indoor dining and bar. Also located only 100 feet from the down town trolley shuttle pick up point to Ybor City ( Tampa's version of New Orleans), across from the civic center and only a couple hundred feet from the outdoor harbor entertainment area with outdoor pool.
  • Little more upscale and much larger than Embassy Suites. Located waterside of course just across from Embassy Suites and sharing the downtown trolley terminal and all venues mentioned at the Embassy Suites. Admire all those expensive boats tied up right in front of the hotel in the marina and the waterside walkway that goes for miles.
  • Parking is Valet only unless you have a bike. $18 per night for the first 25 cars only.
  • Hertz Car rental and drop off. Rent at the airport-drop off at hotel, or rent when you get there.
  • 10% discount for all onsite food and beverage for our group.
  • Garrison's Tavern, Waterside Grill,Waterside Patio Grill, Poolside Bar and Grill and Starbucks.
  • Laundry service, Expanded fitness center
  • Subject to early sell out, additional rooms may possibly be made available to our group, at group rate, based on availability
  • 1 Night NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT required at time of booking
These rates are good for 3 days prior Wed-Friday night 11/27-11/30 AND 2 days after Sat.12/7-Sun 12/9.
*1 day non-refundable deposit *
Prices   Single Rate     Doubles Rate        Triple Rate         Quad Rate
      $159.00               $159.00              Call                  Call
*Hotel Room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes  (currently12%+$1.50 Tampa tourism fee)
To view the hotel   www.marriott.com/tpamc
High Seas Rally booking link:
This above link is best way to reserve rooms

Reservations call center phone:   
Reservation by phone 8:30am to 5:30pm East Coast Time
888-228-9290 MUST say you have a pass key reservation with High Seas Rally but the front desk rarely knows what you are talking about and wants to charge you double our contract price.
700 S. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL. 33602





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