* 2019 * - High Seas Rally: Parrrties - Ship & Shore - High Seas Rally Biker Cruise Vacation

Parrrties - Ship & Shore




You'll recieve a High Seas Rally armband in your welcome packet when you board the ship. At all our on-shore Island party locations you must show your High Seas Rally I.D armband to receive our special HSR discounts, drink and food prices, merchandise, etc. 

All our recommended Island party locations will be displaying a High Seas Rally welcome banner. Each of our parties are different and all have different characteristics. All are friendly to non alcohol drinkers and none are routie or out of control. Don’t get us wrong..it’s grown-up fun. The longer the parties go on the “friskier” the bikers get but it’s very unlikely you’ll see or experience any rude manors. We pride ourselves on fun for everyone at the parties not just those that drink.  If you are a drinker ...at our on shore Caribbean parties the drinks are cheap and very potent and we have “special” drink packages at all our Caribbean party locations. If your not a drinker..all serve virgin "fruitie" drinks too and are a great people watching event.
Good food at all these recommended party locations also.


During 1 on-ship special HSR party the drinks are FREE ( in honor of my late wife, Debbie) for the first hour. All these parties are called “world class fun” by our passengers and the media for a reason.

Even if you were never a party person, you owe it to yourself to spend at least a couple hours at more than one of the parties just people watching and "grabbing a bite". You can't help but laugh, have a good time and meet good people.


Last Tampa cruise we used The Sail outdoor bar at the waterfront for our Bon Voyage party location. The entire waterfront is currently being renovated and said to be even bigger and better than ever. We'll update you a little closer to sail date.

The night before every High Seas Rally cruise we have a Bon Voyage Party at our Host hotel area (undecided yet). This party is just another opportunity to get to know your new biker friends and re-acquaint with past rally cruisers before you board and you’ll get the chance to meet a few celebrities. Compared to our parties on the ship and islands it’s more of a pre-cruise get together. We usually book out 2 or more hotels for this “get together”. We average 1,000 plus attending the Bon Voyage party each year and with this being a full ship charter..we have to make sure the NEW location can handle an even larger group. That's why we have not selected a host hotel or area as of yet. Our host hotels are within 1/2 mile of the ship terminal location. Hotel recommendations are showing on our TRAVLIN WAYS page. 2019 Hotel prices and sales opened Dec.1, 2018 and are nearing sell out already. 

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Below shows of our past onboard Ship parties. 2017 Parties were Mutiny night (pirate), Hillbilly/Redneck and Hippy night. 2019 on ship parties will be the same.


Since Halloween was during our cruise week..why not. It’s not enough that all the regular cruise passengers are ready to jump ship at the sight of 2,000 bikers, we thought we would add to the panic. Honestly, this is the most out of sight party with the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen and we’ve organized some of the best. You don’t have to wear a costume to be part of the fun but the ones that do..put on a show. We spend about $30,000 on this party alone every year. FREE drinks the first hour in honor of my late wife,Debbie, outdoor  video concert by the main pool with our music videos on the drive-in theater screen. Maybe a live band this year?? You won’t want to leave! Please! just don’t go trick or treating to the regular passengers after the party,
Pirate Party

                                                                     Billy Bob Party:

Hippy Party

We've had Hippy parties, Halloween parties, Pirate parties, Mexican theme parties, Goldrush Pioneer parties but HEY, now a Billy Bob/ Redneck party. The "Billy Bob" part is referring to the famous "Billy Bob" teeth. Doesn't mean you can't wear your Pirate outfits cause Pirates, Hippies and Halloween costumes go with Billy Bob teeth too.  Billy Bob teeth go with every outfit and think of all the photo ops on the ship. Going to dinner, formal night..hey! tell everbody it's a dentist conventiion! You'll laugh till you cry. But it does take a little nerve to wear em. A lot of nerve iffin yer really shy! 


Grand Cayman — Margaritaville. Listed below are the 2019 specials.

Big island fun on Grand Cayman. Margaritaville is located right across from the cruise terminal in the heart of busy George Town. Overlooking tranquil reef-laced waters, the bustling terrace beckons you to stay a while, while foot tapping island rhythms and the waterslide remind you to stay a little wild. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit! The roof-top pool and swim-up bar provide the perfect backdrop for bikers to chill after a day on the high seas.
Rooftop parties, top-notch eats, and sunny seats—Margaritaville Caribbean Grand Cayman has it all… the only thing missing is you!
Must show HSR armband to recieve these drink and merchandise specials:
                                   Drink package.                        
            $30 (US)  (Bucket of 6 beer mix & match)
                                     Coors Light
                                     Land Shark
                                     Bud Light
                            Cabrew & Cabrew Light
PLUS:  All HSR passengers wearing a HSR t-shirt will receive a FREE Margaritaville Tote Bag for every burger, sandwich or entree purchase!                                                                                      
SPECIAL RETAIL OFFER: Margaritaville Retail store will be donating $2 to Debbie's Dialysis Fund for each special HSR /Jimmy Buffett T-shirt purchase (only 250 of these co branded shirts)   



                         Grand Cayman Hard Rock Cafe-- Listed below are the 2019 SPECIALS
Hard Rock Café in Grand Cayman welcomes us to stop in! They’re located between Jimmy Buffett’s and the Harley shop on the same front street. Brand NEW place! Look for the Hard Rock Cafe/High Seas Rally banner out front! Again,
Must show your HSR wristband for these specials and to purchase a co branded HSR/ Hard Rock Cafe' T-shirt.

Drink Deal #1                                                                   Hard Rock Cafe Drink Deal #2
$60 (US) flat fee                                                                                $30 (US) flat fee
( all day 9-3pm) 
Rum-Appleton's Rum                                            (includes 6 ice cold Cayman Brewery draft beers)   
Vodka-Smirnoff Vodka                            
Gin- Gordon's                                   
Tequila - El Jimador
Rum Punch
ALL served in Hard Rock Cafe souvenir glassware
Keep the glass for CI$5 more (Ok, we'll get you a new one!).  
  • (Only 250) Limited Edition co- branded Hard Rock Cafe/High Seas Rally Pins. Priced @ U.S. $18.00
  •  Buy (2) Hard Rock T's and get the 3rd one FREE! (on selected items)
  •  Debbie's Dialysis Fund gets $3 for each Hard Rock T sold
          (Yep, Hard Rock gives $3 to Debbie's Dialysis Fund on the FREE T also).

Grand Cayman Harley Shop and surrounding bars.  Listed below are the 2019 SPECIALS.

Located approx. ¼ mile to the right of our ship dock.

Look for the Grand Cayman H-D/ High Seas Rally welcome banner out front.

Must show HSR armband to recieve these drink and merchandise specials.
The NEW and TOTALLY improved Harley Shop is not only top notch but way more upscale than ever before. Still ran by the past owner Jim Biesel, he has now surrounded the dealership with 3 other first class businesses and completely revamped there business inside.
At the Harley Shop
  • HD of Grand Cayman will also have a large selection of t-shirts 30% off regular price. Also, don't worry THEY WON"T run out of Harley t-shirts!!
  • Harley shop is also providing (5) Gift certificates for $100 each and 10 t-shirts to be given away onboard prior to there port stop. Plus a Guy Harvey Print Welcome banner along with 2 of their own  H-D of Grand Cayman Welcome banners.
  • At Guy Harvey Restaurant/Bar and upstairs at Bar Crudo. All HSR crewmembers showing their HSR armband recieve 10% off food and beverage.
  • Bucket of 5 bottles of local beer, Cabrew and Cabrew Light for US$ 18.75
  • Bucket of 5 beers of Corona for $23.13
  • A DJ will be at Bar Crudo for the day


Cozumel, Mexico- Senor Frogs. . 2019 Specials below...just released

THE ONLY REAL MEXICAN PARTY ON THE WHOLE CRUISE!! Now a little more upscale with different decor. More space inside with raised ceiling and A/C in the back where we really need it. Same crazy high energy interactive staff. Our past Carlos N Charlies parties here were legendary and Senior Frogs keeps that legend alive!. I don't know what else to say... except this party is for the serious!!!!!!!  Big dance floor too. Lots of laughing, singing, dancing, etc.  Anyway, if you were there for any length of time for our past rallies it was permanently burned into your memory. It's a must even if you don't drink, just to watch the staff intereact. This is Mexican high energy style FUN at it's best and if you're into taking pictures of people having fun..You need one of our HSR small camera charger batteries because you're sure to kill your battery here! 

Senor Frogs also has a smaller 2nd location right at he pier to your left as you exit the ship and since our ship doesn't leave till 10pm..what a great place to burn off any extra drinking and party energy!! They will also be offering  the exact same specials as their downtown location. Just look for our HSR welcome banner. Word has it this will be a bigger location when we arrive??

Must show HSR armband to recieve these drink, food and merchandise specials:


  • 12Noon-3pm: Bogo Drinks. Buy 1 get 1 Free
  • 4-7pm: $32 USD all you can drink for 3 hours! Rum (Barcardi) Tequila (El Jefe) Vodka (Absolut) Whisky (Red Label) Bottled Beer (XX Lager)
  • Food specials: $16 USD, your choice. Chicken or Beef Quesadillas, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Catch of the Day, Grilled Chicken & Bacon Sandwich, Volcano Nachos
  • 250 Special co- branded HSR/ Senor Frogs t-shirts
  • $2 donation to Debbie's Dialysis Fund for every co branded HSR/Senor Frogs t-shirt sold
  • DJ with great music.Seerious party here!

Cozumel, Mexico--Margaritaville- NEW LOCATION AT THE PIER

Listed below are last years 2019 specials.  

We loved thier downtown location but like so much of the downtown businesses, Margaritaville has moved to the pier and I mean RIGHT AT THE PIER!  About 75 feet after you pass the customs gate on your right you'll fall right into it and you can't miss our Co-branded welcome banner. Still on the waterfront but you can't jump in the water as of yet..their working on it.  Perfect place to slow down at the end your day sipping a perfect Margarita on the seaside listening to their live band.  You can surely make it back to the ship from here after a margarita or a few margaritas I should say! 

Must show HSR armband to recieve these drink and merchandise specials: Co branded HSR/Margartitaville banner outside.

 Food and drink SPECIALS:

  • BOGO DRINKS (12pm to 3pm )  Margarita Rocks, Tequila Sunrise, Volcano Blast, Rum Punch, Malibu, Ginebra Oso Black and Assorted Daquiris
  • $30 USD for 3 hrs. 4-7pm all you can drink! Bacardi Anejo, Barcardi Blanco, Vodka Karat, Tequila El Jefe, Whisky ( J.B.) SOL Beer poured in in 12oz cups. 
           $15 USD
           Chicken or Beef Quesadillas     
           Cheeseburger In Paradise  
           Fish Tacos                  
           Chicken Caesar Salad    
           Volcano Nachos
  • Just 250 special Co-branded HSR/Buffett t-shirts available for sale and a $2 donation to Debbie's Dialysis Fund for each sold!!


KEY WEST, FLORIDA: This is our new "killer" port stop as of 2019 AND we get to watch the world famous Key West sunset cause we're there from 10am till 8pm.
Key West - Jimmy Buffett's Margaritville 2019 specials
Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville:  500 Duval Street. http://www.margaritavillekeywest.com/
Complete your High Seas Rally 2019 Buffett tour by stopping in where it all started in 1985. As with most businesses on Duvall Street the entrance is not easy to spot but inside is roomy. What can I say..It’s Jimmy Buffett’s. Same good food, happy employees, famous margaritas and a gift shop of course. Not a new modern Jimmy’s by today’s standards but it’s the first..need I say more. It’s Buffett history. 
                               LOOK FOR THE HSR WELCOME BANNER OUTSIDE
Must show HSR armband to recieve these drink and food specials:
  •  BOGO Margaritas and Lan Shark beer
  • $5 off appetizers

Key West - Sloppy Joes Bar-2019 Specials
Sloppy Joes. 201 Duval Street    https://sloppyjoes.com/
With the end of prohibition Joe Russell a Key West native and rum runner began a legit Speak Easy.  Sloppy Joe’s has been at the corner of Duval and Greene since 1937.  It is rich in Key West and Hemingway history and has the scars and classic period correct décor to prove it. Large open bar area with good space, restaurant, live music 12 Noon to 4:45 pm, great place to people-watch from your seat. Open on 2 sides, small merchandise shop and friendly employees. This is a historical Key West landmark. Writer Ernest Hemingway’s hang out during his glory days. I was impressed because I only read 2 books cover to cover in high school and Hemingway’s “Old man and the Sea” was one of them.
-          6’ x 2’ co-branded Welcome Banner hanging at Sloppy Joe’s for our dialysis fund auction
-          Live entertainment from 12 Noon to 4:45pm
-          10-, $20 Sloppy Joe’s Gift Cards will be given away on the ship as prizes

Key West - Jimmy Buffett's Margaritville Resort & Marina
    Still waiting
The perfect place to be for the famous Key West sunset. It's right on the waters edge. With a restaurant/ bar at ground level and an upstairs bar for an even better view.
HSR Welcome banner
1.25 oz tequila
1oz of amaretto
1oz of peach schnapps
4oz pineapple juice
Splash of grenadine poured gently down the side so it will resemble the color of a beautiful key west sunset!
Garnished with a slice of lime
Special Cost for your group: $8.00 per drink plus tax and gratuity