* 2019 * - High Seas Rally: Raffles/Games - High Seas Rally Biker Cruise Vacation


Listed below are just some of the exclusive games, and entertainment events for High Seas Rally participants. 

                    Our "HIRED GUN" Comedian; Roy Riley

For over 43 years, Roy has been entertaining crowds from coast to coast as a stand-up comic, hosting events with audiences from a few into the thousands and has been a huge hit on every High Seas Rally from the start. Since the first High Seas Rally in 2003, Roy has been behind the microphone keeping the laughs and fun rolling at our shows, events and gatherings. When not cruising with HSR, you will find Roy working the crowd emceeing numerous events ranging from auctions to weddings and all things in between.

Roy is a transplanted northerner, having spent his wonder years growing up in upstate New York, and moving to Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in West Virginia in the early 1980’s. For the next 25 years, Roy enjoyed the road less traveled on his stage at The Comedy Cellar with a million laughs and countless memories. After all those years high atop Snowshoe Mountain, hours from the mall and grocery store, Roy and the family heard the call of the real world. With his wife, Melissa, and their twin boys, they relocated from the mountains in West Virginia to bluegrass pastures of Kentucky to begin the next big adventure…

Check out Roy’s website: www.royriley.com

If you think you’ve seen all of Roy’s antics, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!

                                               Debbie's Dialysis Fund Cash Raffle


BIGGEST CASH  $$$$$$$$$ payout and Best Odds of Winning game on every High Seas Rally cruise is the Debbie's Dialysis Fund CASH raffles
2017 FULL SHIP CHARTER saw $91,500.00 in CASH won plus $12,872.00 in vendor prizes and every ticket bought win or not goes back into the randomly drawn Grand Prize of  $20,000.00 on the last day. That's a total of $124,372.00 in cash and prizes in just this 1 GAME! Gonna need some big pockets in this game.

Here's how we do it:
It's like an "overkill" 50/50 type raffle. For every colored block of 200 tickets sold, at $20 each, 1 winner CASH winner is drawn. That totals $4,000 collected for each block of tickets. Winner drawn get's half ($2,000) Worst odds are 1 in 200 per block. Buy 5  tickets and your odds are 1 in 20 to WIN !!!  Don't have to be present to win except for the $20,000 Grand Prize since your name and cabin # will be on the ticket.The $20,000 Grand prize must be claimed within 3 minutes or we draw for another winner.
Every single ticket bought from every block of tickets gets put into the $20,000 CASH Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the week.  Winners will be announced through out the ship on the entercom at 3-4 different designationed locations with staff posted at each to identify a winner. Expect 10-20 winners of $20,000 or more every night for cash and vendor prizes in this 1 game.
2017 $20,000 grand prize winner was 3 time HSR cruiser Dwayne Barichello


                                                           Pirate Biker Bingo


Because it's a Biker Pirate cruise! Big Money giveaways!! At our Pirate Biker Bingo $15-30,000.00 in CASH giveaways is not uncommon, it’s the norm! This isn't your normal bingo and it’s probably the only time and place you will ever see hundreds of partying bikers so quiet you can hear a pin drop. 50% of bingo cards sales go to Debbie's Dialysis Fund. The other 50% goes to the winners.

In 2017, six of our passengers split $21,685.00 in CASH + $2,340.00 in 4 additional Vendor prizes to lucky crewmembers that just happened to be sitting next to the winners. Thats How Us Pirates Share The LOOT!!..Largest single total of the 4 games was $6,250.00. Split between 2 lucky winners this year. If card sales outsell the # of seats in the theatre we have to determine another way to distribute the vendor prizes.

In addition, Debbie's Dialysis Fund raised $21,685.00. 

BIG CASH WINNERS, lots of fun. Great cause. Money makes you smile.
Bingo Cards are $40 for a 4  game card or  $60 for (2) 4 game cards.
Bingo card sales begin (Monday) above the Centrum area on Deck 5.



Bucket List Vacations Raffle--We've done it again for 2019!!

Tickets will be sold at check in when boarding ship, above ship Centrum area on deck 5 and at the ship dock prior to reboarding the ship in Cozumel and Key West. 
1 winner from each vacation drawn. Tickets are $20 each or 7 for $100. SO YOU CAN TAKE A CHANCE ON THEM ALL AND SAVE $40. Winners drawn at final show Saturday. All money raised goes to Debbie's Dialysis Fund.

2017 Winners: Rocky Mt Railway-Amber Moats...Royal Caribbean, Alaska Cruise, Paula Hacket..Norweigen Hawaii Cruise,Scott Sweitzer... Celebrity Cruise, Gloria George...Carnaval Mexican Riviera, Mike Peer..Viking Europe Riverboat cruise, Steve Stapelton..AMA Europe Waterways Riverboat cruise, Bec Honeck.
2019 Raffle Cruises for 2020: All 7 day cruises. Royal Caribbean--Alaska, Norweigen-any sailing, Azamara, any sailing, Carnival, any sailing, Celebrity, any Caribbean sailing.

50 / 50 RaffleTickets

Throughout the day onboard and on shore you can buy 50/50 tickets before the H.S.R. giveaway show starts. No tickets sold entering the giveaways shows.The matching number from your ticket stub is put into the pot. The money collected from the ticket sales is totaled and then divided in half. We draw a ticket for the winner during the first portion of every HSR Giveaway Show . The matching number drawn will receive half the money collected. The other half goes to Debbie's Dialysis Fund.
At our 2017 Western Caribbean Rally 5 drawings, 5 winners spilt $48,945.00 in CASH and ($48,945.00) went to Debbie's Dialysis Fund.   PLUS we randomly drew for $7,346.95 in vendor prizes for even more lucky winners that bought a 50/50 ticket.. Total of $56,291.95 CASH and Vendor prizes. That's an average of over 11k per nightly drawing! NOT YOUR NORMAL 50/50!!!

50/50 Tickets are $20 for 28 tickets. Different color ticket for each day drawing.
Tickets sold at check in when boarding ship, above ship Centrem area on deck 5 and at the ship dock prior to reboarding the ship in Cozumel and Key West. 

                                                       Belly Smacker Contest

Always a crowd pleaser. We have turned this event into an even more painful sport. In case you are not familiar with the ancient art of the "belly smacker" here's what it is: Jumping into a pool from a 3 foot tall platform, arms spread, belly first, hitting the water flat and real painful like. This ain't no sissy "belly flop".
Extra points awarded for redness of body parts and the oooohing of the crowd. Roy Riley (our M/C Comedian) has brought this to a new level. You could see anything from nuns to judges to Superman capes and after their bodies are good and numb the real fun begins. Oh Yeh! you do it more than once. Don't worry, we have a perfect survival record!
Custom High Seas Rally Gold Medal for the winner PLUS (1 of our vendors) Bikers RX will also award the winner with 2 pair of perscription sunglasses value $1,000 P.S. the biggest guy rarely wins...it's all about the sound of the splash. Everyone knows the sound of pain. Judging done by specator applause/noise. Over 1,000 spectators every year.
Must enter ballot box. The sacrificial contestants...  I mean, lucky contestants, will be drawn at the beginning of the contest. 10 entries drawn.  Last years defending champ gets a free entry if they want to relive the pain again. Women can enter and have won this event in the past. We don't descriminate against pain but the women is not likely to be in the Treasured Chest contest later that week with the upcoming bruises.

2017 Belly Smacker Winner, 1st time HSR cruiser  
Richard Breeden "Ricky B" from Elkton Va.

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                            WORLD'S LARGEST T-SHIRT SWAP

Bring a NEW extra biker T-shirt and join the fun. We no longer have a private Island stop with lots of space but we have a place picked out at Key West that we feel will work just fine. First draw a number from a drum, stand in a circle and display your shirt in front of you. Take a good look around. After everyone has had a moment to check out all the shirts, we begin. Check your number. When your number is called you have 60 seconds to run to the shirt you want, show them your number, grab their shirt and hand them your shirt. Then return back to your spot and display the shirt you just snatched. Likewise, when someone else's number is called they can return the favor. Last numbers called, of course get the last choices. If you have a popular shirt it may change hands several times. You never know what you will end up with till it's over. Generally takes only takes about 30 minutes once we begin.

                                                        Best Beard Contest

  FACIAL HAIR MUST BE AT LEAST 6 INCHES LONG TO ENTER. This event also includes mustaches, goatees, etc. Remember, must be 6 inches long. Not a back or ear hair contest either. Anyone that qualifies can enter. Top 10 contestants are narrowed down by crowd applause (style) to participate in this contest. Then the the women get to decide the winners with the "touchie-feelie" and smell method.  Lots of fun. A lot of unscrupulous characters enter every year. Just a heads up, you need to get a little creative to stand out in this crowd! Special shampoos, fragrances, softeners, styles, even colors can help.

Custom High Seas Rally Gold Medal for the winner and an additional prize for the Longest Beard. No ballot box entry needed. Just be qualified.
2017 Best Beard Winner- (Center) Doug Flanders of Sugar Hill, Georgia.6 time HSR cruiser and 3 time BEST BEARD CHAMP. What's his secret?. And what's with the white beards winning most of the time?


                                           The "Treasured Chest" Contest

The "Treasured Chest" contest goes with our slogan "there's a little pirate in every biker". In this case some of the pirate is a little more exposed with more emphasis placed on a woman’s frontal area, Which is a favorite watched area by us male pirate types... although other areas may also play a part. The wench that collects the most money from our audience in approximately 10 minutes (3 songs) is the "Treasured Chest Contest winner. Bring your paper money and get your eyebrows raised.
100% of all the money collected goes to Debbie's Dialysis Fund. Top 3 split  vendor prizes worth $525.00.The Gal that collects the most money also wins a Custom High Seas Rally Gold Medal.

In 2017the contestants raised $4,119..00 in 10 minutes. New record! 
To participate you must place your entry ballot in the ballott box the day prior, be qualified...if you know what I mean... and dress for the part. We draw 15 contestants the night before at our giveaway show to give them a day to prepare. 
Treasured Chest  Winner 2017:
Amber Moats 1st time HSR cruiser  from Riverton, Kansas.


                                                       Topless Man Contest

The ladies have fun with this every year and so do the lucky men being judged. Judges & contestants are randomly drawn from our ballot box entries 1 day prior to the event. This event involves men with no clothes from the waist up and blindfolded women judges and some baby oil. Of course it requires touching by the female judges-that’s how they judge!
Top 3 split vendor prizes worth $523.00 and the WINNER gets the Custom High Seas Rally Gold Medal. Yeh..we're still asking ourselves why we give these men prizes?? They should be paying to get in this contest! As an extra bonus in 2013 it rained during this contest and became a wet t-shirt contest for the female judges.  I didn't plan that, I swear.

 Ladies that want to be judges..there's a ballot box for you too!

Topless Man Winner 2017:
3 time HSR cruiser Tom Watkins (Center)
From Port Deposit, Md. 

Veteran's Night 

Since our 1st High Seas Rally cruise in 2003, we have always honored our past, present and current Vets with a 1 hour show. This includes a special commemorative 5 minute theatre screen showing of pictures of our onboard vets set to music or sang by patriot singers such as Lee Greenwood and Darryl Worley in person.  It’s a very emotional flag waving night you won’t soon forget as we average over 50% of our passengers to be veterans every cruise. For the 1st time, we'll also mention our onboard law enforcement personell that are or have served, since they too are on the front lines nowadays. We'll begin requesting passenger pictures in May per newsletter for the video.
We'll also arrange a 1 hour get together for our vets prior to the show.

           Poker Chip Swap

Added for 2017, we were pleasantly suprized to see a large turnout our 1st time announced. Poker chips "popped" up from all over the world with a couple hundred traders. Hope for even more in 2019.

                                                             Tattoo Contest

That’s right! We actually pay you if you have OUR H.S.R.or Debbie's Dialysis Fund LOGO in ink. Use any of our past or this year’s new logo’s from our website Entertainment page. Tattoo logos are posted on our HSR Tattoo gallery page.

Bring your 5 x 7 pictures of your HSR tattoos to Deck 5 directly above the Centrum where we are selling our Raffle tickets or have the ships photo dept make one for you for just $1. Must be able to show your tattoo.You will receive $50 for each current HSR tattoo, $20 for each Debbie's Dialysis Tattoo and $20 for each of our  past rally tattoo's. Maximum $250.00 per person.  Again, this year, Best Rally Tattoo get's a $2,750.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM MOTOR MARC ART.  THAT'S NOT A MISPRINT.

Judging done by RAZ Smith (Renowned Tattoo Artist) and Motor Marc. Some of our Passengers have 9 of our tattoo’s! Last cruise we handed out over $1,200 cash for tattoos. Winner announced during our final Grand Prize Giveaway show on Saturday. 

2017 TATTOO Winner: Top picture. Keith Dunn, 2nd time HSR cruiser from Las Vegas, NV.


     Formal Night /Leather preferred but not required, Dress up Dinner

Don't get excited!! It's not that kind of formal.This is a trademark of our rallies. Our 2 formal nights for dining are LEATHER optional, not the usual suit and tie or formal gown. (Unless it's leather and we do have a few pretty snazzy outfits.) This is one fancy dining hall!  All our dining is of course regular biker attire, even the waiters. Most of our passengers will also wear there pirate type dress up for dinner on our big Pirate party night too. Expect at least 2 party night on the ship and of course FREE drinks on us for the first hour for 1 party.

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