* 2019 * - High Seas Rally: General Information

General Information

We Put The FUN Back In Rallies

Our Caribbean rallies have earned the reputation of being more fun than most can handle. Some year’s selling out more than a year in advance. Our rallies are anything but the normal blah blah blah rally. Most of our rally participants have never been on a cruise ship and many had never vacationed in the locations we have our rallies. Let’s face it..one of the main reasons we rally in these locations is, you can't ride your bikes to them. Therefore, we try to make it as simple, comfortable and inviting to motorcycle riders as possible. Although the majority of our participants are currently American V-Twin riders, all motorcycle enthusiasts are invited, even if you don’t own a bike and dozens of different motorcycle brand riders are represented at every one of our rallies from all parts of the world. Besides, this rally is not about the bikes..it’s about the riders. It's just one big FUN happy family.  

First: Since 2017: W\e have moved from half ship to the entire ship!! Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas. With a Custom itineary, custom shore excursions, our own on and off ship schedule. In other words..THE SHIP IS OURS FOR 7 DAYS so there will be some new additions/ changes and many future updates as we fine tune this FULL SHIP charter. 
Since 2003 we've changed the dress code aboard ship to typical motorcycle attire for our group. In other words…this ain’t no dress-up cruise. We've always had our own private evening dining and the most formal we get is “leather required” on the 2 nights the ship requires formal attire. Even our waiters wear motorcycle t-shirts, leather jackets, etc. and they are just as happy as you for our dress code. Since we now have the entire ship, Our passengers can eat at main evening dining anytime from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. No more sharing dining times with the other half of the ship. Depending on the cruise date and location, we do have optional dress up nights such as Halloween (biker fright night) and 50,60's 70's night (hippie night) Billy Bob (Hillbilly/ Redneck night) and mutiny night (Pirate night). We are guilty of adding in an extra pinch of pirate atmosphere, especially in the Caribbean but each rally (Alaska, Mexican Riviera, Western or Eastern Caribbean) has a little different flavor with games and events tailored to the region. On ship themed parties undecided yet for the 2019 cruise but seems a pirate party is always popular. We'll announced another 1 or 2 later.
Speaking of dining...food is available 24 hrs a day aboard ship for the length of the rally and is INCLUDED in your cabin price. Want breakfast in your room? Just pick up the phone and tell them what you want the night before and what time to deliver. We have seen some big guys eat the price of the cruise..and that’s O.K. Alcohol and soft drinks are not included and are average resort price on the ship or buy the RCCL drink package for the week and drink all you want for 1 price. We do have 1 or 2 on-ship parties that the drinks are FREE to you for the first hour. On-shore however, we have special rally drink and food discount packages that you just can’t believe. Also, no need to worry about tips onboard the ship, tips are also included in OUR cabin prices. Of course, all ship entertainment is also included. With this 2019 full ship charter we can actually chose from several RCCL entertainer options to suit our group. So far...wear your normal clothes, don’t worry about tips aboard ship, eat all you want 24-7, all entertainment is included. 
We do not book airfare as part of your cruise package. Therefore, travel arrangements to the departing port are at your expense. We do provide lots of travel info on our Hotel/ Transportation page of this website. For 2019 our cruise week is one of the best weeks to fly on the cheap as we also scouted that for you too. Since this cruise will be leaving on Saturday we always recommend arriving on Thursday or Friday to begin your adventure early by socializing with as many as 1,500 of our early rally arrivals from all over the world at our BON VOYAGE PARTY. That host hotel will be chosen soon. It also gives you some time to get acclimated to the climate, time change and to get rid of any jet lag before you board the ship plus enjoy Tampa.
We do secure the entire host hotel and block rooms at additional hotels, just for our rally passengers. The host hotel generally has just a few more perks or a better price.Hotel reservations normally open 1 year in advance but we'll be working to change that later. Once we get that changed, when you call to make reservations at either of the recommended BIKER FRIENDLY hotels, to get the discounted rate you must mention you're with High Seas Rally or they will most likely tell you that they are sold out or not taking reservations more than 1 year in advance.
Proper ID: To first get aboard ship you must provide proper identification.
  1.  Need a valid passport that does not expire until at least 6 months after the cruise date and a photo drivers liscense..your covered. OR
  2. Bring an original birth certificate and drivers liscense photo I.D. This will take longer at check-in. Ladies, if you have got married and have had a name change.. you must bring proof of name change if you don't have the passport mentioned above.
Because so many people ask,we (Dean and now Susan) will be there and YES I have been riding for many years and YES Debbie (my previous wife 40 yrs, now deceased) was a rider also and co-founder of this rally and sole creator of Debbie's Dialysis Fund. We (Dean and Debbie) were not travel agents before we dreamed up this rally. We were the sole developers of the rally and were the chief, cook and bottle washers of this event until 2012. With the tragic loss of Debbie to cancer we were our only 2 full time employee's. I went into a deep depression afer Debbie's death and was also dealing with stage 4 kidney failure myself when another angel arrived.
Almost 3 years after Debbie's death and my kidney transplant I'm remarried to my gorgeous new wife Susan. Susan practically saved both me and the High Seas Rally during my kidney transplant just prior to our 2014 rally cruise. Without Susan, this rally would have stopped in 2014. We did skip 2015 to make sure my health was stable and  it's just 2 of us again. Myself and Susan will see you at check in, at every show, dinner, at the onshore parties…about 20 hours a day. Yeah, we're still the only 2 that answer the phones, write the newsletters, update the web site, design the t-shirts and send out the invoices, etc.. So if you have a question or comments,email us at  info@highseasrally.com or call us at 540-942-8791. Odds are you won’t get an answering machine and if you do, we will call you back.
On to the good stuff: First, the Vendors. On all our past rally cruises,we've done our best to find ships that can accomodate motorcycle vendors set up aboard ship. While not  a problem so far yet in the Caribbean, it's been more than a challenge on our smaller ships to Alaska and Mexican Riviera. We usually invite 10-15 industry leading motorcycle related vendors aboard the ship, pay for there vendor booth area, on ship TV advertising, our website advertising, loading and unloading there displays, a storage cabin for their supplies, and even paid for there balcony cabins the 1st 7 cruises and until 2017 gave them $1,000 for doing a good job. Just so they will be in such a great mood that they can’t resist giving away a minimum of $5,000 each of their product to our rally passengers...no purchase required. That cost to us is $50-$97,000.00 every cruise. If they have a good week in sales you can expect much more than the $5,000 minimum in giveaways. When a rally cruise ship is not accomadating for vendor set up, we have in the past purchased the give away prizes ourselves from the vendors and give them away. Almost every night we randomly draw names to give away the prizes. We also give away vendor prizes in our Poker Walk, 50/50, cabin raffles and our HSR Contests. All purchased vendor merchandise and items won at our nightly drawings, games, and contests will be shipped to your home address. Kinda hard to put a new engine in your luggage. There are only a handful of ships left that have a conference size room for vendors and this area is deleted on all newer ships. As with our for 2017( Brilliance of the Seas) it has only a small area, cannot accomodate motorcycles and all loading must come up the elevators so we had only 5 vendors on our 2017 cruise and are revisiting the vendor situation and cannot guarantee vendors on this ship at this time. More updates later.
To keep the rally spirit going we have created special biker games and events on ship. Fun is our sole mission on this rally. So we invented completely NEW fun games such as the belly smacker contest, best beard, treasured chest contest, pirate biker bingo, poker walk, Poker chip swap, t-shirt swap, etc. Our participant rally games reguarly combine to pay out over $150,000 in cash and prizes and likewise raise the same amount in cash for Debbie's Dialysis Fund. Check the games out on our ENTERTAINMENT page of our website. Some games pay as much as $80,000 plus to the winners. Winning CASH can be fun too! Of course the ship has it's own casino for you natural born winners that want to try your luck.
For those that like to pay there cabin off early: You're in the drawing for $5,000 CASH if you pay in full by February 1, 2019.
Gotta have a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY but for 2019 instead of our usual new custom Harley or Indian, we're going with MONEY $20,000.00 which should let you finish customizing the one you have, pay a good chunk down on the one you want or do anything you want with it. IT'S YOUR MONEY!  No raffle tickets, just a random drawing on our last day by your cabin room #. Thought you might like that!
Each passenger will also get a rally patch, pin, magnetic door plaque, welcome packet, and custom armband. Now… we do go ashore of course and that’s a whole 'nother story.
For those that like to party...we have the best and in 2019 you have 10-12 hours on shore to enjoy them. How about (3) Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville locations, Senor Frogs,Grand Cayman H-D, Hard Rock Cafe, and Hog's breath Saloon, Cowboy Bills, Sloppy Joe's at Key West. Jimmy Buffett's, Hogs Breath Saloon, Sloppy Joe's and Cowboy Bills. All scheduled in the afternoon so you can plan your shore adventures in the mornings. No worries about riding your bikes if you’ve had a few too many. We’ll get you back to the ship on time. Providing we can find you. See our ENTERTAINMENT section on the web page and the SHORE EXCURSION page for onshore adventures. We also have an on-ship (FREE drinks the first hour party) and assuming you arrive by Fridayday..the Bon Voyage party.
For those that like shore activities:  With our 2019 extended shore times of 10-12 hours you can do and see much more.  Approx. 9 months before the cruise date and once your cabin is paid in full you can book your shore excursion fun through Royal Caribbean. How about wave runners, horse back riding, zip lines, snorkel, scuba, snuba, glass submarines, jeep and off roading, helicopter sightseeing, parasailing, island tours, rafting..too much to list. Or just melt into the white sand beaches with a tropical drink. It's your vacation.
As far as weather goes, expect mid 80’s both in and out of the water in the Caribbean and if it does happen to rain in one location we will be 400 miles away the next morning. And of course we have the ship, which is kind of a floating Las Vegas no matter what the weather is outside.
Pace yourself, trying to do everything on your first trip will ruin your vacation. Here’s another twist for you. Most of our recommended shore locations actually give our rally participants a 15% discount simply by showing your HSR  armband. No "jacked-up" biker rally price gouging just because you’re at a rally. They appreciate your business.
Available late 2018. Exclusive rally merchandise available only for those registered for the 2019 rally cruise.You know, like it used to be. You had to be at the event to buy the rally merchandise not like nowadays when anyone can order a T-shirt from any event online. We do sell our merchandise online but our system does a background check to make sure you are a registered 2019 rally passenger before you're allowed to purchase any HSR merchandise. Not registered!! Rejected!  All registered 2019 HSR passengers will be notified per email newsletter when the merchandise page opens.
Our goal is to provide the most fun you can have at a rally. By keeping our rally size small in number (under 2,200) you will meet and make friends with more motorcycle enthusiasts at our rallies than any other rally. For the first time since you can remember, you’ll agree that you got more than your monies worth. There’s a reason these rallies are well know as “the rally that’s almost too much fun”. So register now. Unlike all other rallies, if you’re not on board the first day,you missed the entire rally and if you bump into anyone that was there...you’re gonna hear about it.