* 2019 * - High Seas Rally: Giveaways


$20,000.00 CASH 
Grand Pize Giveaway
 2017 Winner: Tracy McCoy. 6 Time HSR cruiser

Like all our past Grand Prize giveaways...this is a true giveaway. You just have to be present to win! It's a gift from us. No tickets, no games. Every HSR passenger is entered. Unlike all our past Rally cruises we are giving away CASH instead of a custom bike for our 2019 Grand Prize. REASON: Times have changed. We've given away 26 custom bikes costing nearly 1 Million Dollars since 2003 and in the past we used them as display bikes at all our rallies when we sat up at across the U.S. They were a great draw as advertisement and awesome to dream about winning but dispite them being beautiful custom bikes there are so many variables when we give these away.

More than 65% of our past winners don't keep the Grand Prize bikes and there are good reasons. Maybe this bike is just too nice to ride with a $10,000 custom paint job, they already have the bike of their dreams, maybe they are not riding nearly as much as they used too, maybe they ride a trike now or maybe they don't ride anymore at all, maybe they could just use the money? I know because I've bought 2 of our best bikes back myself for the same reasons above, been asked to buy 2 more and seen 2 sold before the winners got off the stage. Dean already has 6 bikes and no time to ride. Even though we built a bike every year that I would like to own, (actually better than the bikes I own) Dean don't need no more bikes and we feel it's the right time to give away CASH !

Therefore, we figure everyone can use CASH! BUT,... should I be wrong and the Grand Prize winner think the $20,000 is too nice to use, already have the $20,000 of their dreams, or don't use money anymore and wants to give the money back. I still have some garage space for money. We're doing the same for the Debbie's Dialysis fund winner. CASH instead of a custom bike.

  $20,000.00 CASH 
Grand Pize Giveaway
   From Debbie's Dialysis Fund
Every person that BUYS a CASH/CABIN raffle ticket (win or loose in the regular giveaway of an average of $80,000 CASH for the week) is re-entered into the last day drawing with every ticket they bought for another $20,000.00 CASH GIVEAWAY  as a bonus for helping Debbie's Dialysis Fund to continue.
That's $40 Grand in just these 2 Grand Prize Winners alone!
2017 Winner:  Duane Barichello 3 time HSR cruiser

WIN the cost of your cabin up to $5,000 CASH!!!

Buy simply paying your cabin off in full by FEB. 1, 2019 you're entered into The "EARLY BIRD" Cabin PAY-OFF DRAWING to WIN THE COST OF YOUR CABIN, Up To $5,000 IN CASH.  YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR YOUR CABIN ANYWAY..WHY NOT GET IN THE DRAWING!!   Drawing is first night of the cruise.

2017 WINNER: 2 Time H.S.R. cruisers, William and Catherine Shepherd of Va.

“  Virgin Bounty  ”
Win $2,000 CASH the first night of the cruise!! . Recruit a first time "Virgin" HSR rally cruiser and win BIG BUCKS TOO!!  Yes, that kind of virgin.
2017 Winner: Jim and Jodi Hawley of Vandergrift, PA.





2014 Eastern Caribbean
Grand Prize Bike Winner

Chris Hepple, Smithton, PA


2013 Eastern Caribbean
 Grand Prize Bike Winner:

Lawrence Wells, Sun City, AZ


The 2012 Western Caribbean
Grand Prize Bike Winner:
Sharon Immell of Amarillo, TX


The 2011 Western Caribbean Grand Prize Bike Winner:
Don Farnsworth of Denver, CO

2010 Western Caribbean Grand Prize Winner
Wendy Ellis from Lincolnton, NC
2009 Mexican Riviera Grand Prize Winner
Micheal SwerIngen from Scotts valley, CA
50th Anniversary Triumph Bonneville
ser. # 35 of only 500 made

2009 Western Caribbean Grand Prize Winner
Penny & Jim SCARCELLO from St. Charles MO
Custom 2008 StreetGlide®

2008 Western Caribbean Grand Prize Bike Winner
Steve Coley from Ahoskie, NC
ProStreet Custom by NightMare Customs

2008 Mexican Riviera Grand Prize Bike
Arlene Merkel from Hartland, WI

2007 Grand Prize Custom Trike Winner
Brad Zepka from
Custom V Star Trike by Gear Gasm

Trike Main

2nd 2007 Grand Prize Giveaway Bike Winner
Thomas Dance
2006 FHL by FBI

FBI prize bike

2006 Western Caribbean Grand Prize Trike Winner
Mike Costic
Custom Trike by Gear Gasm


2006 Grand Prize Bobber Winner
Kathy Buckbinder

Panhead Bobber by Redneck Engineering

2006 Alaska Grand Prize Bike Winners
Martha & Dick Rychener
donated the bike back to the HOHS Dialysis Fund!
Springer Shovel by Kustom Culture


2005 Caribbean High Seas Rally Grand Prize
Judy & Woody Hafer
Panhead Bobber by Redneck Engineering



2005 Alaska Grand Prize Winner
Chris & Bill Pence
Panhead Bagger by Kustom Culture

2004 Grand Prize winner
George & Jeannie Faria

Custom Chopper By Redneck Engineering

2003 Grand Prize winner
Lorraine and John DiFoire
2003 Annivesary RoadKing ®




 Vendor items won or purchased are drop shipped to the winner's home address.
Check out our ENTERTAINMENT page for an additional $100,000 plus in cash and prizes winnings in our games.

Collectable Welcome Package

                                                                                  Also included in your cabin price

Shown below is the 2017 Rally welcome package. We change the items almost every year so check back late spring 2019 as we have them produced.

 You will receive your packages during check-in for the cruise.

These items are not for sale and are included in the cost of your cabin. Below are examples of some of our last

Welcome Package items. 2019 will of course be different.