* 2019 * - High Seas Rally: Prices



 2019 High Seas Rally® FULL SHIP CHARTER

Cruise Only Rates 

Sail dates Sat.11/30/19 to Sat. 12/07/19


Better get MOOVIN!! 


Our 2019 Custom 7 Day High Seas Rally cruise is a PRIVATE FULL SHIP CHARTER.

MEANING, Royal Caribbean will not be booking any cabins on this ship.


                                  Please read below the PRICES to see all that's included.

2019 Custom Western Caribbean

Cruise Only Rates




Total For Two people
Unless noted *


Royal Suite with Balcony
(Deck 10)                           Sleeps up to 4

SOLD OUT $13,150.00

Family Suite with Balcony
(Deck 8)          Minimum 6 People*
2  Bedrooms 2 Baths        Sleeps up to 8
with Sofa Bed & 2 pulldown bunks



( 6 Person Price)


Family Suite with Balcony
(Deck 10)             
Minimum 4 People*

 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths    Sleeps up to 6         with Sofa Bed                             

(4 Person Price)

Owner Suite with Balcony
(Deck 10)                           Sleeps up to 4




Grand Suite with Balcony
(Deck 10)                       Sleeps  up to 4




Junior Suite with Balcony
(Deck 10)                           Sleeps up to 4




Superior Balcony Stateroom
(Deck 9,)              Sleeps up to 4

1 Cabin available



Superior Balcony Stateroom
(Deck 9)  

1 Cabin available



Deluxe Balcony Stateroom
(Deck 7,8)

Sleeps up to 4




Deluxe Balcony Stateroom
(Deck 8 )

2 Cabins available



Deluxe Balcony Stateroom
(Deck 7)




Family Ocean View Stateroom
                              Minimum 4 people*
(Deck 7,)                         Sleeps up to 6

1 Cabin available
4 person price

Ocean View Stateroom
(Deck 4)                        Sleeps up to 4


Ocean View Stateroom
(Deck 3)                            Sleeps up to 4

7 Cabins available



Ocean View Stateroom
(Deck 4)

3 Cabins available



Ocean View Stateroom
(Deck 3)

4 Cabins available



Interior Stateroom
(Deck 7,8,9)                 Sleeps up to 3

Cabins available



Interior Stateroom
(Deck 2,3,4 )                    Sleeps up to 4

9 Cabins available



Interior Stateroom
(Deck 7,8,9,10 )

Cabins available $2,500.00  
Interior Stateroom
(Deck 3,4)
Cabins available


Interior Stateroom
(Deck 2)



Interior Studio Single  (Deck 4)

2 Cabins available



ONLY use 2019 deck plans for Cabin Descriptions / Pictures / Deck Plans and Inside Cabin Views

2019 Deck Plans



Use 2017 cabin categories from 2017 deck plans (same cabin numbers, RCCL just changed the categories and upped the prices mid year for 2019) We're keeping our prices and categories the same as 2017. To enlarge the deck plans on the 2017 link below..on your computer hold the CTRL buttom down and scroll on your mouse. Sorry for the inconvience.

2017 Deck Plans


Cabins are priced for  TWO PEOPLE  in each cabin. Except Family cabins that require a minimum.

Some cabins have 3rd/ 4th or more person capacity.
Price for 3rd / 4th person or more add $875.00 each additional person and 
for Suites add $891.00 each additional person + taxes and gratuities. 

Single Passengers
that wish to stay in a cabin alone or initally have no 2nd passenger

please CLICK HERE for reduced pricing.
Note: Singles cannot book a cabin with more than a 2 person capacity. 2nd passenger can be added  until August 1, 2019 deadline.

 ALL Cabin Prices listed above INCLUDE the following:

Port Charges - Gov't Fees - Prepaid Gratuities-
First Hour
FREE drinks for 1 on ship party

Complimentary Welcome Packet, Patch, Pin, Bottle of Wine in Cabin,Custom Door Plaque
HSR biker dress code entire week

$20,000.00 Grand Prize Drawing, FREE vendor prizes,

Exclusive on-shore and on-ship Parties, Games & Events,

Approx. $200,000 in CASH and vendor prize winners

Much, Much, More as we develop this full ship charter over the upcoming months!


$600.00 Non-Refundable Deposit per single or 2 person cabin
 required at registration.

In addition a $300 non-refundable deposit per person will apply for the 3rd,
4th or additional passengers booked in that same cabin.
Payments to be made online.
Where internet is not available we accept call in credit card payments
Payment may be made in full at anytime
Minimum payment $600, unless final balance is less.
Of course, if you have a question or need help making
your online payment, please call us 540-942-8791

Year 2018 Registration Payment Schedule
$600.00 Non Refundable Deposit per Cabin due at Registration
2/01/19 $600.00 Minimum  Payment Per Cabin
5/01/19 $600.00 Minimum Payment Per Cabin
$$$ Final Balance Due 8/01/19
Cabin can be paid in full at any time.
Year  2019 Registration Payment Schedule
$600.00 Non Refundable Deposit per Cabin due at Registration
Recommended Minimum $600.00 payment Before final payment due
8/01/19 $$$ Final Balance Due
Cabin can be paid in full at any time.
 2019 after July 1 Registration Payment Schedule
$600.00 Non Refundable Deposit per Cabin due at Registration
$600 Deposit
10/15/19 Balance Due 
Cabin can be paid in full at any time

**3rd,4th or more passengers owe an additional $300.00 each, per
each scheduled payment listed above.

All late payments will incur a $50 late charge & are subject to cancellation 15 days after due date.

After 08/01/19 - Full Payment Due for new Registrations, if any cabins are available

Cabin Cancellation Fees
  • 5/2/18 to 02/1/19 - $600.00 per Cabin ($300 for each additional 3rd, 4th or more passenger)
  • 2/2/19 to 08/1/19 ---- 50% of Total Reservation Cost
  • 8/2/19 to 11/30/19  --- 100% No Refund
 Passenger Changes in Cabin
No admin charge to add a passenger to your cabin until August. 1 2019. After Aug.1st, there is a $100 fee in addition to the passenger cabin cost to add an additional person or name correction.
Should you change or remove a 2nd, 3rd, etc passenger in your cabin, this will act as a passenger cancellation.
Passenger Cancellation/Change Fees
12/8/17--2/1/19--$300 per passenger
2/2/19--11/30/19--100% of the total 2nd, 3rd, etc. passenger cost
Nov. 1st, 2019 is last day for passenger changes and additions


Cabins have limited availability. All events are exclusive to HSR. Only those passengers booked through HSR can participate. Not responsible for last minute changes of  itinerary by cruise line due to weather, or any errors or omissions in the content of this web site/flyer/ad. Some restrictions and cancellation penalties apply listed above.  Cancellation refunds from HSR are void in the event that a passenger has travel insurance. Comprehensive trip cancellation and travel protection insurance is available AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. See link on front page. For complete details call 800-826-1300 and mention you're with High Seas Rally for our special pricing.

Door Plaques: 
Every cabin gets 1 custom door plaque with a maximum of 2 persons names or nicknames per plaque. Those door plaques go into production by August 2, 2019. Additional door plaques for addional passengers are an additional $25 charge.  No changes or additions can be made after this order is placed...however we can provide an additional "no name, address or state" for a $25 charge.

WIN the cost of your cabin up to $5,000 CASH!!!

Buy simply paying your cabin off in full by FEB. 1, 2019 you're entered into The "EARLY BIRD" Cabin PAY-OFF DRAWING to WIN THE COST OF YOUR CABIN, Up To $5,000 IN CASH.  YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR YOUR CABIN ANYWAY..WHY NOT GET IN THE DRAWING!!   Drawing is first night of the cruise.

2017 WINNER: 2 Time H.S.R. cruisers, William and Catherine Shepherd of Va.

“  Virgin Bounty  ”
Win $2,000 CASH the first night of the cruise!! . Recruit a first time "Virgin" HSR rally cruiser and win BIG BUCKS TOO!!  Yes, that kind of virgin. 
*All Virgin referrals must be submitted within 30 days of cabin registration. 
The cut off for entries in to this drawing is Oct 1, 2019.
2017 Winner: Jim and Jodi Hawley of Vandergrift, PA.

Protect Your Travel / Vacation Investment

Most regular health insurance only covers inside the U.S. AND you're booking a cruise more than a year in advance. We ride motorcycles, have kids and aging parents and maybe have a health issue. Although we're not 21 and bullet proof anymore,we sometimes think we're 21 on this cruise and accidents having fun do happen. Keep in mind the ships infirmary is based on emergency room prices should you have a boo boo. Also, weather has never stopped our cruises but weather at the passengers home locations has caused several to miss the ship over the years. Remember this cruise is in December for 2019. Can't control mother nature. Please take a look at the Travel Insurance coverage when you register. You can insure just the cruise or cover your entire trip from the time you leave home and return. Nothing makes us feel worse than giving you the bad news that there is no cruise refund. So take the worry out of your cruise and buy the travel coverage. As soon as you make your reservation you can check out the coverage and cost by clicking on the insurance link. To insure pre-existing medical issues you must purchase the travel insurance within 15 days of your registration date. For accurate cost and coverage you'll need the cost of your cruise beforehand. They also insure travel to and from the ship, airfare, hotel stay, etc. See our website front page for the AIG Travel insurance link on left.




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