* 2019 * - High Seas Rally: Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions

Advantages for booking a shore excursion with Royal Caribbean.
  1.  All RCCL excursions have been vetted very organized and professional. Prompt times, no worries of missing your excursion or finding your group
  2.  You can cancel 24 hours in advance.No penalties.
  3.  Justified refunds are easy.
  4.  If you’re Royal Caribbean excursion is late, the ship will wait for you. If not a Royal Caribbean excursion, enjoy  your stay.
  5. BIG ADVANTAGE. All sold out excursions are all our High Seas Rally group!! Your kind of FUN people.
  6. No standing in line wasting your precious vacation time at the customer service desk on ship or on shore hoping to get an excursion before they are all sold out.

  Here's how to view and book your Royal Caribbean excursions once you have your Royal Caribbean booking I.D .# APPROX. 9 months before sail date.

Access the Royal Caribbean website - rccl.com. Make sure the site reads (royalcarribean.com-Official site)  Once in the site, select "THE EXPERIENCE"  then click on "SHORE  EXCURSIONS" or  ONBOARD ACTIVITIES  (beverage and dining, birthday, celebrations, gifts, wi-fi,etc),. Now mouse over the tab "BEFORE YOU BOARD" at the top header- then click on the dropdown, "CRUISE PLANNER"  then hit RESERVE NOW. Enter last name, reservation number, sailing date (4 December 2017 ) and ship (Briliance of the Seas). Hit SUBMIT. Now scroll down till you see the picture on left that reads "SHORE EXCURSIONS" and click on it.  From here, scroll down and select the day & location on the left to view all the excursions available on that day stop. Day 3, 4 and 6 are our shore days for excursions

If you are having trouble booking online call Royal Caribbean's Web Help Desk 1 (800)398- 9819 option 4.

This is your vacation..have fun!  You're in a beautiful tropical location. Instead of the usual 5-7 hours on shore, you now have 10-11 hours on shore at every port and you won't be rushed. We strongly recommend that all our passengers take a couple excursions during the week. You have 132 to chose from and all "sold out" RCCL excursions have only our people..what a blast!!! 

When you do book an excursion, if you want to attend the scheduled onshore HSR parties you'll  now have much more time to make the parties and won't have to choose between party or excursion. Do them both! All our HSR parties are mid to late afternoon so best to book your excursions in the morning or early afternoon if you want to make the parties.

Below are some excursion suggestions of the 132 offered. We'll notify you by newsletter e-mail when booking opens. Normally about 9 months in advance of the sail date.


Grand Cayman:  40 offered excursions. Arguably the most beautiful water in the Caribbean. If you’re a water person..you’re in paradise for all water activities above and below the water. Snorkeling, snuba, scuba diving, swim with dolphins, glass bottom submarines, catamaran, parasailing and one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world..7 mile beach.
Very nice, clean Caribbean Island, everyone speaks English and of course are happy to take your money but no one is hasseling you to buy anything and why should they. Grand Cayman is the richest Island in the Caribbean.
Excursion suggestions:
Swim with the stingrays. Since we are arriving early in Grand Cayman we have a rare opportunity to book this most popular excursion for early morning times before the crowds (other ships) arrive. This way you avoid the crowds and the stingrays will be hungry and most playful. The only place in the world you can feed and pet stingrays in the ocean on a shallow waist deep sand bar. It’s awesome! And don’t be afraid. They are super soft and don’t bite or sting. They’re like big hungry water puppies. Also great to combine this excursion with one that goes to see the turtle farm and 7 mile beach which are the 2nd and 3rd most popular excursions.
Snorkelers: It don’t get any better than this. Pick any snorkeling excursion and you won’t be disappointed.
Divers: One of the top dive islands in the Caribbean. This is your chance to dive in some of the clearest waters in the world. Dive shipwrecks, lots of ocean fish and if you’re brave enough one of the few places you can dive the WALL and look down at some of the deepest darkest waters in the world.
Beach Lovers: 7 mile beach is always rated as 1 of the top 10 beaches in the world. Why not parasail over it while you are there?
There's High end shopping too, another Jimmy Buffet party. Hard Rock Cafe and Grand Cayman Harley-Davidson and you can even take a ride to Hell. (Yes that’s a place with a post office named Hell) If you ever wanted to send a letter home post marked Hell. This is your chance. 
Rent a scooter and easily find your way around this small Island. Just remember they drive on the wrong side of the road but they are very understanding of those that forget.

Cozumel:  58 offered excursions. Also a great clear water sports location with more historical sites and more adventure.  A little more variety here and a better dolphin experience with manatee’s, sea lion shows and crocodiles added. Of course the sea lions and crocodiles are in the park only. Killing some time onshore before our parties start. Wow! Where to start?  Scuba divers. Drift diving is so cool. No effort, just coast with the current. First time underwater wanna bees. Helmet dive or snuba. You don’t even get your head wet and you see it all. Horseback riding, atv’s, jeep trips, zip lines, even golf.
The least expensive shopping, least expensive and most potent drinks. Two of the best HSR party locations Senor Frogs downtown. This place rocks true Mexican, is the biggest and boldest high energy party. Is indoors/ outdoors, with A/C, DJ, our kind of music and much more shall we say "fun" allowed than the other pier locations. They also have a smaller location right off the pier to the left but much more restricted. Jimmy Buffets downtown location has closed and moved just to the right of the pier. It too is now all outdoors with the ususal good staff, food, etc. It too is restricted which calms down some of the excitement but they are hoping to get water access by our arrival time. So to the left off the pier is Senor Frogs to the right is Jimmy Buffetts. Senor Frogs hasa 2nd traditional location downtown. One bar just can’t hold all the partying.

Cozumel has some of the best snorkeling and drift diving and a lot of Mexican culture. Several aqua parks and lots of beach space make you wish you hadn’t spend all your money before this stop. Mexico means bargains and their everywhere.You’ll think this is the silver jewelry capital of the world. Scooters, jeeps and ATV’s for rent here too but at a little quicker pace driving than Grand Cayman. again, it is an Island and you can easily scoot around it in 2 hours.

Rent a scooter or a dune buggy, but be careful. The pace here is a little quicker than Grand Cayman.

Excursion suggestions: Water activities are all good. We feel this is the best dolphin experience in the Caribbean. Combine that with the manatee and sea lion show at Chunkanab park and you won't want to leave.
Snorkelers: 2nd only to Grand Cayman but more to see. Pick any snorkeling excursion and you won’t be disappointed. For 1st time snorkers why not helmet dive and not even get your hair wet so you can see what you've been missing?
Divers: Beautiful clear water. The 2 tank drift dive is very different and takes no effort. You just drift with the currect which allows you to sneak up on many marine life without scarring them and you don't have to kick a fin. Only disadvantage is it takes some effort to stop if you want to spend more time looking.There are other 2 tank dives that are just as good for the non lazy type.
Beach Lovers: Cozumel may not have a beach as long as Grand Cayman but they have more smaller ones and plenty to do on each beach excursion with bar, restaurants and all kinds of water rentals.
Adrenelin seekers: Jeeps, atv's and dune buggies are a plenty. With zip lines and underground rivers to explore. Get your speed fix on the speed boat rides.
Golf. They got that too.
If you don't mind spending your whole day on 1 excursion..book the EXCARET adventure. Might just be the prettiest oceanside place I've ever seen. It has it all and more.

Shore time 10:00AM- 8:00PM. 32 Excursions offered. Our last port stop.  We have lots of planning to do here before spring 2019. All kinds of possibilities. With our 10 hours onshore and being there in both daylight and dark. WOW!. The locals aready love bikers and our cruise will bring in a huge group of onshore bikers to meet us. Jimmy Buffett's, Hog's Breath Saloon, Sloppy Joes, Parties, Parties, Parties and people watching. Can't wait for setting this up! Should have the blanks filled in by or before Jan.1, 2019.