Enjoying the Ride to the High Seas Rally ’21!

Xavier Muriel, Cycle Source Magazine’s Builder of the Year, who built Easyriders Magazine’s Bike of the Year, has started building a custom motorcycle for us and one lucky member of the High Seas Rally community will win it! Throughout the year, Xavier will update us on the progress with special videos, photographs and anecdotes straight from his garage, Providence Cycle Worx in Austin, Texas.

Meet Xavier Muriel

Xavier has always been driven by two passions: Drums and Motorcycles.

The love for motorcycles courses through Xavier’s bloodline. At 6 years old, Xavier received his first bike from his father — a 1974 Honda “Mr. 50.” At the same time, Xavier was also growing increasingly passionate about music, which turned into a career that took him all over the world. Xavier has played on the same stages as his childhood idols, but he never loosened his grip on his love for motorcycles.

In between tours and recording as a drummer for Buckcherry, Xavier built a motorcycle for himself, just for kicks. His father always told him: “Exhaust all efforts before you pay someone to do it.” That first bike set Xavier down the road to begin building custom motorcycles professionally, from his garage in Austin, Texas. With help from friends in the industry, Xavier dove into building custom motorcycles with the same love he put into his music.

“To me, these two loves are one in the same,” Xavier says. “It is a creative process that starts with an idea from which you take the raw elements and time and hard work, and then you watch it come to life. That is the beauty from which art is created. I approach my builds in the same manner as my drumming: Less is always more. Clean and simple lines that enhance the overall feel and look of a bike. To me, that makes a motorcycle. After all they are made to be ridden.”

We cannot wait to see what he creates and which very lucky member of the High Seas Rally community will bring it home!