All Concerts & Events Are Included in Your Cruise Price!


Colt Ford
Molly Hatchet
Black Smoke Sinners
Steel Rod
Brad Heron & Brian Wilk
Kevin Hamel
Retro DJ Travis Bell

Hosts & Special Guests

Xavier Muriel
Chris Callen
Roy Riley
Paul Yaffe
Dave Perewitz
Jody Perewitz
Adam Sandoval
Barbie the Welder
Jess, Her Two Wheels
Geoff Bodine Special Guest
Mike "Too Tall" Reed

Custom Builders

Paul Yaffe Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation
Xavier Muriel Providence Cycle Worx
Chris Callen Flat Broke Chops & Rods
Jason Hallman Speed Metal Built
Rick Bray RKB Kustom Speed
Tom Keefer Franklin Church Choppers
Dave Perewitz Perewitz Cycle Fabrication

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