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Question: What’s better than the High Seas Rally?
Answer: The High Seas Rally with your family, friends, club, group or chapter onboard!!!!
The High Seas Rally Riding Group Program offers awesome benefits for groups of all types to come together on a luxury cruise ship for a week of fun and comradery. The bigger the group, the bigger the benefits!
The group with the most members receives the GRAND PRIZE of $200/person onboard credit!

Group Leader: Must be a passenger on 2022 sailing and register with High Seas Rally. See below for registration info.
Group Members: Member cabins must register as part of the group within 10 days of booking.
Leader Bounty: Paid to Group Leader at time of sailing (Leader cabin does not count for bounty but does count towards # group cabins).
Charity Donation: Made to your favorite charity.
Free Cabin: Free Oceanview cabin to Group Leader when group reaches 10 cabins; Leader will be credited for value of cabin = $2,700
Group Banner: HSR to create and display onboard the ship and given to the Group at the end of the sailing.
Onboard Party: Groups of 20 or more cabins will receive a one-hour onboard party with free food and drinks.
Charity Selection: The preferred charity must be identified by October 1, 2022, and be a registered 501(c)(3). Subject to approval by High Seas Rally. Group members can only be part of 1 group. New guests can participate in both Group and Virgin programs.


The High Seas Rally Riding Group Program is a fun way to sail with your friends, family, coworkers, riding buddies, chapter members or anyone you want to spend a week with on The World’s Only Motorcycle Rally on a Cruise Ship!

Riding Groups can be any combination of New, Past and Current Guests. You don’t have to ride together or belong to the same club off the ship to form a Riding Group.

The bigger the group, the bigger the benefits!

A Group is qualified once three cabins, including the Group Leader, have finalized their reservations for the High Seas Rally 2022. While the Group Leader’s cabin qualifies for the overall group cabin count, the Leader cabin does not qualify for a bounty.
Anyone can qualify as a Group Leader! The Group Leader can recruit members to his or her group to earn substantial rewards. The Group Leader must call or email High Seas Rally to register their Group. Groups can register by contacting or by calling 844.279.8460.
Any guest sailing on High Seas Rally 2022 can be a part of a group! The group member must identify their Group Leader within 10 days of completing their reservation. Group members are only allowed to participate in one Group.

Perks of the Group Program begin when the Group Leader accrues 3 cabins booked, including their own. At that stage, the Leader will receive $100 for every group cabin booked (including the first two cabins but excluding their own).

Once a Group reaches 5 cabins booked, High Seas Rally will also make a donation to the charity of their choice in the amount of $50/cabin. All participants in the Group Program will also be automatically entered into an onboard raffle for a chance to win $4,000. The 1st Place winner will receive $2,500, 2nd Place will receive $1,000 and 3rd Place will receive $500.

Once a Group reaches 10 cabins booked, the Leader will receive all the benefits above as well as a Group Banner to be displayed onboard, and a complimentary Oceanview Cabin.

Once a Group reaches 20 cabins booked, the Leader will receive the 10+ benefits, but the Bounty will increase to $200/cabin (retroactive to the first member cabin but excluding the Leader cabin), the charitable donation will increase to $100/cabin, plus the entire group receives a free party with food and drink onboard. Group Meeting space can be made available upon request.

One Grand Prize will be awarded to the Group with the most booked. Each member within that group will receive $200 onboard credit! The top 5 groups will be displayed in the Leaderboard found at the top of the page.