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Hear from HSR ’21’s Tough-As-Nails Headliner, Trace Adkins!

Country Music superstar Trace Adkins is all set to headline High Seas Rally’s biggest and best music lineup in the cruise’s 20-year history. He’s also the engine behind HSR’s new Salute to Service mission and our partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project.

As we gear up for the rally of the year — the October 2021 sailing of High Seas Rally — we chatted with Trace to learn what inspired his longstanding commitment to supporting our military and veterans, what he’s most looking forward to on the cruise, and his incredible route from Grammy-nominated country star to TV personality, author and tough-as-nails biker on the big screen.

HSR: We are proud you will help us lead High Seas Rally’s full-day Salute to Service events in honor of our military and first responders. What inspired your longstanding commitment to supporting our military and veterans?
TRACE: It’s a very selfish endeavor on my part. If you ever get a chance to be in the presence of heroes.. do it. Every. Single. Time. Without hesitation. It makes you a better person.

HSR: You’ve embarked on 12 USO tours, visiting with and performing for over 65,000 service members at military installations in the U.S., Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Japan, Okinawa, Germany, Italy, and Spain. What is so special about those experiences?
TRACE: No entertainer will ever perform in front of a more appreciative audience than the men and women who are “downrange.” The hope is that we can bring a little bit of home to them and hopefully take their minds off of the task at hand. Honestly, I always come back from those tours feeling guilty because I get more from those who serve than they get from me. As long as they keep asking me back, I will load up and go where I am asked.

HSR: Besides your can’t-miss Main Stage concerts for all guests on the High Seas Rally, what are you most looking forward to on the 2021 rally cruise?
TRACE: I hear I am doing a Q&A session. Love doing those.

HSR: Your latest music video — Just The Way We Do It — features an unforgettable summer party. What song of yours do you think is the best for an anthem to play on the pool deck as a ship full of bikers enjoys the High Seas Rally?
TRACE: Probably the same song that would be played at the toughest biker bar in the world. Honkytonk Badonkadonk!

HSR: Outside of your several hits, what deeper tracks are your personal favorites and why?
TRACE: On my new EP, Ain’t That Kind Of Cowboy, we recorded a song called Running Into You. One of my favorites. It was written by one of my favorite songwriters, Tony Lane. Incredible lyrics and melody. Listen to it if you get a chance.

HSR: You played a tough-as-nails biker in The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey. What was it like to play that role and how does acting challenge you differently than making and performing music?
TRACE: It actually wasn’t much of a stretch! I play bikers with relative ease. Filming a movie is a lot like recording new music. You get in a room with a bunch of talented people and get out of their way. Acting gets me out of my comfort zone, and I enjoy the challenge.

HSR: You’ve also written books, won the All-Star edition of Celebrity Apprentice and did voice work on King of the Hill. How has this awesome variety of work challenged you, and what has been the most fun?
TRACE: I love music, and that’s how I have made my living for years, but I also have many different avenues of interest. Some are silly, and some are serious. I have one constant in all of the projects I am involved in, and that is if I don’t enjoy it, then I won’t do it for long.

Hear more from Trace:

Trace Adkins leads HSR’s Salute to Service mission:

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  1. Sherion Campbell says

    Can’t wait to go on this cruise and see my favorite Tracy Adkins. So lucky to be coming on this cruise with my hubby William Campbell that came back from Vietnam with 3 purple hearts. He was a Marine. We have been married 51 years, which at times haven’t been easy. Can’t wait to meet new friends.

  2. Rex Prince says

    First saw you perform at the Wild Horse Saloon, also a fundraiser, and Trent Tomlinson opened up for you. We were sitting next to Trent’s parents on second level.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the Cruise.


  3. cynthia says

    Will there be a meeting/chance for us to get an autograph with Mr. Adkins? It’s alright he doesn’t have time to talk, but I would really be appreciative for his autograph.

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