Valerie Thompson the Queen of Speed

Valerie Thompson is without a doubt the Queen of Speed. She is the world’s fastest female motorcycle streamliner racer, hitting an incredible 328.467mph on the BUB 7 Streamliner motorcycle and is an eight-time Speed Record holder. She is also an inductee in the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame, a member of numerous 200 MPH Clubs […]

Classic Road Tunes: Your High Seas Rally Playlist

While we are all waiting to get our party on at the High Seas Rally, we want to encourage you to get out there and ride your motorcycles. But today, with so many bikes equipped with stereos, we thought you might like the High Seas Rally Ultimate Road Tunes Playlist to get your ride rockin’. […]

Birth of Bikers Part 8: The Evolution of Harley

(If you’ve missed any of our Birth of Bikers series, click here to catch up.)  As we learned in the last thrill-packed installment of Birth of the Bikers, by the late 1970’s, disenfranchised youth on both sides of the Atlantic were riding motorcycles, watching biker movies and enjoying the freedom of being in the wind. No […]

From The Movie “Rough Boys” To Your Garage

You can WIN Paughco’s Gold Chopper!! When biker Blues musician and film maker Charlie Brechtel was coming up with the idea of doing the movie Rough Boys, he had a brainstorm that involved spicing the biker movie up with a side plot involving a long lost golden chopper. The idea was that viewers of the […]

Rounding the final turn! (Custom Bike Build Update – November 2020)

High Seas Rally’s custom bike build is rounding the final turn and that awesome motorcycle will go home with someone aboard the cruise — if you’re on board, you’re automatically entered to win! In his latest dispatch from his garage in Austin, Texas, our award-winning bike builder, Xavier Muriel, is excited to report that all […]

Motor Marc Art Paints the Full HSR Picture

Few people know the High Seas Rally like Marc Lacourciere, who’s set to sail on the rally cruise for the 18th time! Marc is the exclusive artist for the High Seas Rally and his kickass art has helped HSR raise a ton of money to help folks on dialysis sail on the cruise free of charge with their medical care onboard. […]

World’s Best Boss Gives Employee Super Surprise

The following article was recently published in Born To Ride magazine and tells the tale of the ultimate Christmas Bonus! Hot on the heels of his success at creating one-of-a-kind custom baggers at Dirty Bird Concepts in Phoenix, Arizona, motorcycle mastermind John Shope came up with the next great idea: the Dirtytail. These Softail-based customs […]

Birth of Bikers Part 7: Worldwide Outlaws

(If you’ve missed any of our Birth of Bikers series, click here to catch up.)  One percenter motorcycle clubs flourished in the 1980s, even with the R.I.C.O. Act nipping at every outlaw biker’s boots like some ravenous wolf. Small clubs of all kinds had sprouted up all over the country, some were one-percenter clubs, most were […]

Birth of Bikers Part Six: Biker Rags and Beyond

(If you’ve missed any of our Birth of Bikers series, click here to catch up.)  Motorcycle Clubs and bikers have changed dramatically in the 90-plus years since they first appeared on the scene. The public perception of bikers has run the gamut, from post-WWII vets with bomber jackets, raising a little hell, to crazed long-haired […]

BIKER LEGEND: Genevieve Schmitt

Leading the Charge for Women Who Ride Genevieve Schmitt has had an incredible influence on the motorcycle industry and on women who ride. She is the founder of the online magazine Women Riders Now and has been a passionate motojournalist since 1999. Genevieve pioneered the online experience for women who ride motorcycles with her vision […]

Road Tunes For Every Ride

Every biker loves music, and nowadays, lots of scooter jockeys have a stereo on their bike. As we move into autumn, there’s never been a better time to throw your leg over your bike, crank up the road tunes and enjoy a Fall ride. But where do you start? May we suggest the original biker/rocker, […]


With over two decades of successful brand development under his belt, Jay Allen, creator of the legendary Broken Spoke Saloon, has been a pioneer in the art of interactive motorcycle entertainment. His focus is to provide well-organized and creatively structured programs to ensure the overall success of an event and to generate consumer excitement. And he […]

Birth of Bikers Part Five: From Easy Rider to EASYRIDERS

“This used to be a helluva great country. I wonder what happened to it?”—Jack Nicholson, Easy Rider (If you’ve missed any of our Birth of Bikers series, click here to catch up.)  The early ’70’s have become known as the flower power years of sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, custom choppers, hot rods, disillusioned youth […]

Rick Fairless Riding

BIKER LEGEND: Rick Fairless

The following Biker Legend article was featured in Born To Ride magazine. Rick Fairless was born in Dallas, Texas and lives in the suburb of Irving. He’s a custom bike builder who loves the psychedelic 1960’s and it shows in his world-class roadside attraction and biker hangout, Strokers Dallas, Strokers Ice House Bar, and Punch […]

Birth of Bikers Part Four: How Easy Rider Changed the Biker World

“You know Billy, we blew it.” —Peter Fonda, Easy Rider (If you’ve missed any of our Birth of Bikers series, click here to catch up.)  The turbulent ’60s was a time of war and chaos. Timothy Leary was teaching us to “tune in, turn on, and drop out.” We lived through Vietnam, Kent State, Watergate, hippies, […]

Biker Legend: Jody Perewitz

The following Biker Legend article was featured in Born To Ride magazine. We’d like to introduce you to a true Biker Legend named Jody Perewitz, the fastest woman on two wheels and daughter to world-renowned custom bike builder and the “father of flames” Dave Perewitz. Jody grew up around motorcycles and bikers, hanging out at […]

Birth of Bikers Part Three: There Are No Gangs

“Three can keep a secret if two are dead.” —famous biker expression The evolution of American bikers from tie-wearing Dapper Dans on stock dressers to WWII vets in bomber jackets and black jeans on chopped bobbers didn’t happen overnight. (Click here to catch up, if you missed the Birth of Bikers: Part 2. ) The same is […]

Birth of Bikers Part Two: The Original Wild Ones

“What are you rebelling against?” “Whaddaya got?” —Marlon Brando as Johnny, The Wild One Last time we looked back at the origins of the biker lifestyle to discover that veterans returning from World War II formed motorcycle clubs to enjoy some of the freedom they fought so diligently to defend. (Click here to catch up, […]

Birth of Bikers Part One: How Motorcycle Culture Got Its Start

Ever wonder how the whole biker lifestyle got its start? Well, it began with servicemen returning from World War II who bonded together over the love of motorcycles. You see, by 1934 out of nearly 300 American Motorcycle Companies that were created from around 1900, only two remained in business, Harley-Davidson and Indian. At the […]

Sparks are flying! (Custom Bike Build Update – June 2020)

Creating a custom bike is all about building up excitement and energy during the process. And that’s exactly what High Seas Rally host Xavier Muriel is doing as our award-winning bike builder assembles HSR’s custom motorcycle, which will be unveiled and raffled off to one lucky passenger aboard the ship. To check out the most […]

Slow Ride: Sex, Bikes & the Freedom of the High Seas

Get to Know Foghat Before They Rock HSR

When you board the High Seas Rally, your “Slow Ride” across the Caribbean will feature more live music and more action than ever before. The amped up entertainment starts with Foghat bringing the ultimate anthem for a ship of bikers sailing the high seas. While we await Foghat’s thunderous blend of blues and butt-kickin’ rock […]


Get to Know Molly Hatchet Before They Rock HSR

Molly Hatchet is still workin’ hard, playin’ tough, livin’ fast, and still Flirtin’ with Disaster! That’s why we’re stoked to have these awesome Southern Rockers performing and partying with us all week on the High Seas Rally. While we await the October rally at sea, we caught up with Molly Hatchet band members Bobby Ingram, […]

Motorcycle Movie Mayhem:
The Best (Or Worst) Biker Films

Of the scores of “chrome pony operas” made between 1954 and the present, the following dozen stand out as noteworthy in the eyes of bikers everywhere. Though most are B-movies to be sure, each offers a bit of that illusive spark in capturing the spirit of the road and the freedom of riding. Depending on […]

Find Brotherhood and Sisterhood at the High Seas Rally

The lure of the motorcycle brotherhood and sisterhood is a strong one. The biker lifestyle offers a sense of belonging that lasts a lifetime. For over 100 years, motorcyclists have forged a family that is stronger than steel. This multi-generational legacy embraces a culture like no other. Individuals come together the world over to share […]

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