Traveling Through Time: Check Out Xavier’s Custom Bike Builds

While we anxiously wait to see the custom motorcycle Xavier Muriel is building for the High Seas Rally, we wanted to check out some of his finished products to get a feel for his style and craftsmanship. His work is absolutely awesome. Now, we’re even more excited to see the bike that one lucky High Seas Rally fan will take home after the next cruise!

Check out some of Xavier’s previous custom bike builds:


Built in a one-car garage in Burbank, CA between legs of a Buckcherry World Tour, Xavier says “Cholula” will always be his favorite because it was his first solo build. “Cholula” made one Friday night stop at the local Bob’s Big Boy for Hot Rod Night and was sold within 1 week of completion. Featured on the cover of Cycle Source Magazine in May of 2017, Xavier says “Cholula” remains the main inspiration for his ongoing journey into the custom motorcycle world.


Designed for beauty and motion, Xavier said ‘’Grace‘’ is everything he wanted a custom Harley to be. Since Grace’s debut, she went on to win Easyrider’s 2019 “Bike of the Year” and was featured on the cover of Cycle Source Magazine. Cycle Source’s Readers Poll also voted Xavier the 2019 “Builder of the Year.”


“Patience” was built in both Daytona Beach, Florida, and Austin, Texas. Xavier was an invited builder for the 2017 Cycle Source “In Motion” show at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, Texas. Xavier said “Patience” was named after the trait that the build taught him. In 2019, “Patience” took 2nd Place Street Custom at the Easyrider show in Austin, Texas. She is now living in a happy garage with a new owner in South Dakota.

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