HSR Motorcycle Rally Tips

One of the things all bikers look forward to each year is heading out to motorcycle rallies. From Daytona to Sturgis and all points in between, bike runs are the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Here are some tips to makes sure you have the best time possible at this year’s runs and rallies.

Always do a walk around the event– You want to make sure you get the layout of the atmosphere and the exits you can take in case you need to.

Motorcycle Security- Many motorcycles are stolen at rallies and events. Make sure you have some level of security on your motorcycle. It’s true, lifting motorcycles are easy, I’ve seen it done in under 30 seconds. The point of security is you want to deter the thief. Some of the measures you can take are grip and wheel locks, and a good motorcycle alarm, and a GPS tracker. But the best thing you can do is keep an eye on your scooter. Hell, back in the day, we used to bring our bikes right into the hotel rooms with us.

Alcohol- Always keep an eye on how the party is going. Drunks cause the most problems at an event because they get beer muscles. The best thing you can do if a drunken brawl is brewing is to just walk away. The main thing is that though we all go to bike runs to party, do not drink and ride.

Look for weapons- This is especially true in a concealed carry state. Besides looking for guns, knives are the biggest issue. Bikers love carrying knives and some will carry oversized buck knives for intimidation. Make sure you’re aware of what those around you are carrying.

Motorcycle Clubs– One of the most important things you need to know is what one percenter motorcycle clubs are at the event. I’m not talking about HOG members here. Most problems occur when competing outlaw clubs are at an event. Most clubs keep to themselves unless messed with, but there is always that tension in the air. This is especially true if two opposing clubs are at the same event. If a situation starts going down, walk the other way. You don’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

Don’t be a Daredevil– We know you want to show off how fast you bike will go and being at a bike rally might seem like the perfect place to do donuts or burnouts or just twist the grip. The thing is, other riders are all around you at a rally and you can’t predict what they will do on their bikes.  The local hospitals are always full of idiots who thought they were Evel Knievel… for a few seconds.

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