We now have a complete roller! (Custom Bike Build Update – March 2020)

Xavier Muriel has checked in from his garage in Texas to provide us an update on HSR’s custom bike build. Both rims now have rubber on them and the front end has been selected! Now you may be asking yourself, “Why does the front end look funny?” Well, Xavier points out that he’s working in a mock […]

Arizona Bike Week: Make Some Noise in the Valley of the Sun

As the month of April brings warmer temperatures and you are no doubt itchin’ to throw a leg over your bike and get out there on the road, we here at the High Seas Rally would like to suggest Arizona Bike Week as the perfect two-wheeled getaway. AZ Bike Week is known as the biggest […]

Easy Rider, Peter Fonda and the Biker Movie Genre

Fifty years ago, the 1960’s was drawing to a psychedelic close. It was a time of war and chaos mixed with free love and flower power. Those of us who remember the ’60’s lived through Vietnam, Kent State, Watergate, hippies, yippies, and Woodstock. Bad biker movies were a big hit at drive-in’s in those long-haired […]

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