We now have a complete roller! (Custom Bike Build Update – March 2020)

Xavier Muriel has checked in from his garage in Texas to provide us an update on HSR’s custom bike build. Both rims now have rubber on them and the front end has been selected!

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why does the front end look funny?” Well, Xavier points out that he’s working in a mock stage.

As the build continues, Xavier will modify the Lowers by shaving off unwanted pieces to make it look extra cool and custom. Xavier has also started the mock on the rear fender, by spacing and aligning the rear wheel to the center of the frame. Correct spacing is VITAL for the bike to track true running down the road, Xavier says. When the fender is in position, he will begin cutting and welding to start crafting the killer custom look.

The Bars and Risers are now in house. As is the Paul Cox Rigidaire seating system, which allows the driver to use a small manual pump to inflate the seat for the most comfortable ride, while not sacrificing the always classic look of a chopper.

Next up? Installation of the motor, tranny and belt drive, then fabrication of the oil tank before moving toward the front of the build. “I always start at the rear of the bike and work my way forward,” Xavier says.

Remember, the custom motorcycle will be going home with a very lucky member of the HSR community after the next cruise.

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