Cycle Distancing: The Best Way to Stay Healthy & Taste Freedom As We Await the High Seas Rally

In these bizarre times of social distancing and quarantine, due to the virus which will not be named here, I’d like to remind you that the best way to relieve stress, enjoy life to the max, and NOT catch the coronavirus (DAMN, I said it!), is to go for a ride on your motorcycle. 

I know that your favorite motorcycle ride nights have been canceled, as have all the land rallies for the foreseeable future, great and small across this country and the world. Still, there is no reason you can’t just throw your leg over your scooter, take the road less traveled, and enjoy an afternoon of nirvana thanks to the healing glory of motorcycling.

Look, gas stations are open, fueling up is cheap, the roads are clear of traffic, the skies are free of pollution. In fact, there has never been a better time to start up your bike and go for a day trip. Great comfort may be found in taking those old familiar roads or striking out for an entirely new experience. Your workload is likely reduced, you’re tired of playing board games, reading books, doing house chores and watching reruns … go for a damned ride!

It might not feel like it right now, but this will END and life will return to normal. When that happens, it will be time to finally hit that rally you’ve never experienced before or return to your favorite biker haunts. For me, the ultimate light at the end of this dark tunnel is the High Seas Rally, sailing the Caribbean in December with a full ship of bikers.

Until then, the Black Hills await us in August and what sounds better right now than joining a half million of your best friends in Sturgis for the legendary rally? We can all wear “I Survived the Apocalypse” T-shirts, drink beer, watch exciting races by the Jackpine Gypsies, see Mount Rushmore.

Alright then, it is settled. I will meet you all out at the Buffalo Chip this August. We’ll need to celebrate life, biker style. Now put on your boots, your jacket and gloves, and get out there and ride!

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