Birth of Bikers Part One: How Motorcycle Culture Got Its Start

Ever wonder how the whole biker lifestyle got its start? Well, it began with servicemen returning from World War II who bonded together over the love of motorcycles. You see, by 1934 out of nearly 300 American Motorcycle Companies that were created from around 1900, only two remained in business, Harley-Davidson and Indian. At the […]

Sparks are flying! (Custom Bike Build Update – June 2020)

Creating a custom bike is all about building up excitement and energy during the process. And that’s exactly what High Seas Rally host Xavier Muriel is doing as our award-winning bike builder assembles HSR’s custom motorcycle, which will be unveiled and raffled off to one lucky passenger aboard the ship. To check out the most […]

Slow Ride: Sex, Bikes & the Freedom of the High Seas

Get to Know Foghat Before They Rock HSR

When you board the High Seas Rally, your “Slow Ride” across the Caribbean will feature more live music and more action than ever before. The amped up entertainment starts with Foghat bringing the ultimate anthem for a ship of bikers sailing the high seas. While we await Foghat’s thunderous blend of blues and butt-kickin’ rock […]

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