Slow Ride: Sex, Bikes & the Freedom of the High Seas

Get to Know Foghat Before They Rock HSR

When you board the High Seas Rally, your “Slow Ride” across the Caribbean will feature more live music and more action than ever before. The amped up entertainment starts with Foghat bringing the ultimate anthem for a ship of bikers sailing the high seas.

While we await Foghat’s thunderous blend of blues and butt-kickin’ rock ’n’ roll on the High Seas Rally, we caught up with band members Roger Earl, Charlie Huhn, Rodney O’Quinn and Bryan Bassett to learn more about their excitement for the rally cruise, their shared love for motorcycles and the sex-fueled inspiration behind “Slow Ride.”

HSR: The High Seas Rally has been the only biker rally at sea since 2003, what are you most looking forward to on the cruise?

CHARLIE HUHN: I am most looking forward to putting on a kickass performance for the bikers cuz they really know how to bring energy and excitement as a crowd.
RODNEY O’QUINN: I always have a great time, meeting and hanging with fans on the music cruises we have done in the past. After looking at all the photos and testimonials from past HSR cruises, I see that this is a cruise that will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to more time to enjoy the cruise events and time meeting new friends. Seven days with nothing to do but party, are you kidding me?!! Sign me up! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!!
BRYAN BASSETT: Making some new friends and hearing tales of the road.
ROGER EARL: I’m looking forward to playing and having a great time! I just love to play.

HSR: Of course “Slow Ride” is about sex, but it also feels like a song to be played on the open road. How do you think it plays as an anthem for the freedom of sailing the Caribbean on the High Seas Rally?

ROGER EARL: Absolutely outstanding and perfect! It should be your signature tune!!
CHARLIE HUHN: “Slow Ride” is a great song no matter what you’re doing and would be perfect as the anthem for the cruise. I highly recommend it especially on the high seas. It’s definitely a groove, a mood enhancer and strong rocker so it’s perfect for a rock ’n’ roll getaway cruise.
RODNEY O’QUINN: “Slow Ride,” to me, has always been one of those songs that you just love to hear while you’re cruising on the open road. As for an anthem for the cruise, we can’t openly discuss what people get into behind cabin doors after hearing that song.
BRYAN BASSETT: “Slow Ride” take it easy says it all. It could just as well be about kicking back on a poolside lounger.

HSR: You’ve played at motorcycle rallies before. How do bikers stack up among the best crowds you’ve performed for?

ROGER EARL: Bikers know how to party. They have always been great to play to!
CHARLIE HUHN: Biker crowds are always the most enthusiastic, dedicated and committed crowds and fans because they truly believe in what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Nothing like a cruise ship full of bikers. We’re going to get some seriously high energy responses from an awesome biker crowd.
RODNEY O’QUINN: Bikers aren’t afraid to let it all hang out and enjoy the music.
BRYAN BASSETT: My favorite thing about bike rallies is that many of them are centered around some sort of charity and they are always very knowledgeable music listeners.

HSR: Do you guys ride? If so, what kind of bike and what are your most memorable rides?

ROGER EARL: My first bike I rode was an AJS when I was 16. Then I got busy working and in 1976 I rode a Triumph that was owned by our sound engineer. He was going to sell it to me, but my manager said… what are you f-ing crazy??? Do you know how much insurance is for the 3 cars you already have as a drummer in a rock ’n’ roll band? I did ride it for a day, but that was it.
CHARLIE HUHN: I personally do not ride but had a Triumph 650 back in the late 60s and drove the hell out of it in Tucson and in the mountains back in the Summer of 70. I got a little too crazy with it and decided to focus my need for speed in sports cars. I still enjoy going out for a ride on occasion having many friends with bikes and it’s always a taste of freedom out on the open road with the wind blowing in your face.
RODNEY O’QUINN: Been many years since I’ve owned a bike, but I still enjoy getting out on a bike every now and then. I used to have a Dyna Wide Glide, many moons ago. The one that got away was an Indian, that was raked, lowered, and not only had a beautiful pearl white finish, but the entire frame was pearl white also. Between that and all the chrome … man, oh man, she looked good!!! Anytime I could get some wind in my hair, was a good day.
BRYAN BASSETT: I haven’t ridden in a while but when I was younger, I had a Harley in Pittsburgh. One memory is how difficult it was traveling down cobblestone streets with streetcar tracks.

HSR: What bands, musicians and cultural influences have shaped your sound and style?

ROGER EARL: Rock ’n’ roll. Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash … and the list goes on.
CHARLIE HUHN: I personally have been hypnotized by rock ‘n’ roll since the mid-50s by the original rockers like Elvis, Buddy Holly and Little Richard. But when Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and the British Blues Invasion happened in the late 60s it took my passion to a new level and that has influenced my style for sure.
RODNEY O’QUINN: I’m a 70s/80s guy. There are so many bands that I’ve pulled from. It is an honor that one of my huge influences brought me into their circle, and now I’m a Stone Blue, Fool for the City, taking life by the Driving Wheel, ready to take a Slow Ride!
BRYAN BASSETT: The biggest influence on my music has been the British invasion guitarists. Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, along with Duane Allman and Johnny Winter. Those players had the most influence on my playing.

HSR: We know you guys are kickass musicians. What other awesome talents do you have that we may not know about?

ROGER EARL: I fish, therefore I am. I also have a vegetable garden, ride my bike and enjoy hanging at home.
CHARLIE HUHN: Thank you for the compliment and it’s an honor to be able to work with excellent musicians who all have the same focus and drive. At home I like to relax, play golf, ride bikes, exercise, do lawn and yard work, and drink cocktails before happy hour daily. See you on the cruise!
RODNEY O’QUINN: I drink BEER!!! Lol!! I really like woodworking. One day, I want to have a really cool shop to tinker in!
BRYAN BASSETT: My B career has been studio engineering. I do a lot of the recording and producing of Foghat records and work with a lot of independent producers as an engineer.

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