With over two decades of successful brand development under his belt, Jay Allen, creator of the legendary Broken Spoke Saloon, has been a pioneer in the art of interactive motorcycle entertainment. His focus is to provide well-organized and creatively structured programs to ensure the overall success of an event and to generate consumer excitement. And he does that, in spades!

The Broken Spoke Saloon was my all-time favorite hangout in Sturgis each year. Jay replicated the successful formula of the Broken Spoke at other biker rallies such as Laconia and Daytona. But the center spoke of the wheel that keeps the constant fun coming, has always been Jay Allen himself.

Jay believes that interactive entertainment is the best way to capture bikers’ immediate attention about a product or event, and thus win them over. Jay Allen is a leader in facilitating an interactive relationship between consumer and product in a most unique and entertaining manner. The hallmark of his success is his own professional and personal passion for the motorcycle lifestyle and industry. An avid collector of anything two-wheeled, his knowledge about motorcycles is vast and rich with personal experiences.

Today, Jay has expanded his emcee, rally production and marketing services beyond the Broken Spoke Saloon brand, to create more opportunities to connect the brand with consumers and riders with their most favorite rally experiences. Jay has brought his emcee talents into other areas of the events industries including music, automobile and festival environments. With a diversely talented team supporting the Jay Allen brand, Jay Allen Productions delivers the absolute best in rally production, marketing, hosting and emcee services.

When the name Jay Allen is mentioned, folks in the biker community around the world immediately grin. For years, the founder of the beloved Broken Spoke Saloon and Museum has made his mark in the motorcycle culture as an entertaining host and historian, and a great friend to his patrons, the legends and icons of the industry. This hard-working, ingenious businessman has a flair for adventure and his gregarious personality and fun-loving nature has made an indelible mark in motorcycle history and continues to do so at major motorcycle rallies and events around the country. Jay is the host and production consultant for the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, Texas, the largest weekend rally in the USA, and is also the emcee for Arizona Bike Week.

Over the past 25 years, Allen has grown his business into a favored brand of interactive motorcycle entertainment. He is all about maintaining authentic tradition at biker events and remaining loyal to the history of motorcycling. At the same time, he seeks out the latest and greatest in today’s motorcycle culture and business to infuse into the rally experience. Jay has coined his production style as “Ol’ Skool meets New Skool.” He knows the genuine ingredients necessary to establish a favorite hangout for many motorcycle industry icons and hardcore riders alike.  

“We’re a biker shrine. We’re the real deal,” Jay tells us, referring to his legacy with the Broken Spoke. Ever the consummate showman and host of the party, his high energy emcee talent and vast knowledge of motorcycle culture and history captivates patrons from around the globe.  

A true icon in the motorcycle world, Jay welcomes all who love to ride to hang their hats, kick tires and enjoy celebrating the motorcycle culture with him where ever he appears. Ask anybody in the industry about the event reputation of Jay Allen and they’ll all tell you that he knows how to “keep it real” while throwing the best motorcycle party anywhere.

Jay is an avid salt flat racer and record holder on the Bonneville Salt Flats. He has appeared on countless documentaries and DVDs worldwide.  Ever the fan of motorcycle racing, Jay had just returned from Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats when we caught up with him. The very last run at the Salt Flats this year was none other than Jay Allen on his A-PBF 2000 S&S-powered motorcycle. Jay backed up his run of 196mph to set a new personal best record run and his 52nd Land Speed Record.

I had the honor of directing Jay in the biker film Rough Boys, due out in 2021 where he plays… you guessed it, the dazzling emcee at a race event. Perfect casting.

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