From The Movie “Rough Boys” To Your Garage

You can WIN Paughco’s Gold Chopper!! When biker Blues musician and film maker Charlie Brechtel was coming up with the idea of doing the movie Rough Boys, he had a brainstorm that involved spicing the biker movie up with a side plot involving a long lost golden chopper. The idea was that viewers of the […]

Rounding the final turn! (Custom Bike Build Update – November 2020)

High Seas Rally’s custom bike build is rounding the final turn and that awesome motorcycle will go home with someone aboard the cruise — if you’re on board, you’re automatically entered to win! In his latest dispatch from his garage in Austin, Texas, our award-winning bike builder, Xavier Muriel, is excited to report that all […]

Motor Marc Art Paints the Full HSR Picture

Few people know the High Seas Rally like Marc Lacourciere, who’s set to sail on the rally cruise for the 18th time! Marc is the exclusive artist for the High Seas Rally and his kickass art has helped HSR raise a ton of money to help folks on dialysis sail on the cruise free of charge with their medical care onboard. […]

World’s Best Boss Gives Employee Super Surprise

The following article was recently published in Born To Ride magazine and tells the tale of the ultimate Christmas Bonus! Hot on the heels of his success at creating one-of-a-kind custom baggers at Dirty Bird Concepts in Phoenix, Arizona, motorcycle mastermind John Shope came up with the next great idea: the Dirtytail. These Softail-based customs […]

Birth of Bikers Part 7: Worldwide Outlaws

(If you’ve missed any of our Birth of Bikers series, click here to catch up.)  One percenter motorcycle clubs flourished in the 1980s, even with the R.I.C.O. Act nipping at every outlaw biker’s boots like some ravenous wolf. Small clubs of all kinds had sprouted up all over the country, some were one-percenter clubs, most were […]

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