Video: Paul Yaffe & Bagger Nation Have an Announcement to Share

AWESOME NEWS! Paul Yaffe and Bagger Nation are onboard for High Seas Rally ’22, sailing all week as the official presenter of the World’s Only Motorcycle Rally on a Cruise Ship! Paul needs no introduction. He has won just about every major custom show award in the world at least once.

On the 2022 cruise, you’ll see Paul, his wife Suzy and Bagger Nation all over the High Seas Rally ship. Paul will host Q&As and workshops with our builders, show his innovative and original custom motorcycles, and bring his Bagger Nation gear to our vendor space.

Get onboard and sail the Caribbean with the Yaffes, Bagger Nation and a full ship of bikers and riders! The First-Ever All-Inclusive Sailing in High Seas Rally history is going to be incredible!

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