Meet One of the Warriors Sailing on High Seas Rally

The July 4 holiday weekend is a great time to celebrate and reflect on our freedoms, which makes this the perfect time to introduce you to one of our country’s true heroes. Bill Geiger exemplifies all of the qualities that make up High Seas Rally’s mission: Biker, Warrior, Giver, Leader. Bill completed two deployments with […]

Our Rock ‘n’ Roll Bike Builder

“To say that being part of a multi-platinum, international touring rock band was a dream come true would be a vast understatement. No kid ever says to himself, ‘When I graduate I’m gonna move to Hollywood and become a Rock Star’ and thinks that it can come true. Well, truth be told, it didn’t for […]

Black Smoke Sinners Bring the Rock ’n’ Roll & Motorcycles to HSR

The High Seas Rally is excited to announce the newest addition to the biggest and baddest music lineup in the awesome history of the rally cruise and you don’t even have to wait until you board the ship to hear their power and ferocity. The Black Smoke Sinners, featuring HSR hosts Xavier Muriel on drums […]

Slow Ride: Sex, Bikes & the Freedom of the High Seas

Get to Know Foghat Before They Rock HSR

When you board the High Seas Rally, your “Slow Ride” across the Caribbean will feature more live music and more action than ever before. The amped up entertainment starts with Foghat bringing the ultimate anthem for a ship of bikers sailing the high seas. While we await Foghat’s thunderous blend of blues and butt-kickin’ rock […]


Get to Know Molly Hatchet Before They Rock HSR

Molly Hatchet is still workin’ hard, playin’ tough, livin’ fast, and still Flirtin’ with Disaster! That’s why we’re stoked to have these awesome Southern Rockers performing and partying with us all week on the High Seas Rally. While we await the October rally at sea, we caught up with Molly Hatchet band members Bobby Ingram, […]

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