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The World’s Only Biker Rally on a Cruise Ship has sailed the high seas since 2003, bringing together motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world for one-of-a-kind adventures to the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and Alaska.

2019 marked the 20th High Seas Rally sailing, each powered by a two-person team of gearheads who had a dream to combine their love of motorcycles with a first-class vacation shared by people like them. The rally cruises were founded by Dean and Debbie Anderson, high school sweethearts who married in 1973. Living and running the cruise operation out of Waynesboro, Va., Dean and Debbie had 18 vehicles, from motorcycles to muscle cars to a motorhome.

After working 70 hours a week for 11 years running their own tool franchise, Dean & Debbie “retired” in 2001. They were determined to enjoy their hobbies, which included anything that had an engine and traveling. Unwilling to give up their motorcycle hobby and the good people they like to socialize with, their vision for the High Seas Rally came into focus. What better way to extend your riding season than the most carefree environment in the world ⁠— a cruise ship packed with motorcycle enthusiasts sailing to places you simply can’t reach by bike. The cruise was a way to keep the best parts of a rally (THE PEOPLE!!!), and eliminate the price gouging, weather concerns, bike theft and repetitiveness of land rallies. The cruise started as a half-ship charter and grew into a full-ship of bikers partakin’ in wild ship and shore parties, killer food, belly-aching comedy, tattoo contests, big-money raffles, kickass theme nights and awesome port adventures.

Tragically in 2012, Debbie died of cancer, but her legacy lives on through the High Seas Rally and its Dialysis Fund, created to raise money to pay for bikers or their immediate family or friends who are battling kidney failure to sail on the rally cruises. Despite undergoing a kidney transplant himself just weeks before sailing, Dean decided to continue the rally in 2015. That’s when Susan stepped in to save not only Dean but the cruise. Dean and Susan later married and continued to be the sole developers of the rally through the 2019 sailing.

For the 2020 sailing and beyond, Dean and Susan teamed up with Entertainment Cruise Productions, the world leader in live entertainment at sea, to ensure the High Seas Rally lives on. Entertainment Cruise Productions is 100% committed to Dean and Susan’s Biker Family and continuing the High Seas Rally for years to come, bringing new energy, resources and ideas to make The World’s Only Biker Rally on a Cruise Ship even better! Dean and Susan aren’t going anywhere, either! They plan to be front and center on the next several cruises to help guide the rally and to make sure it doesn’t lose the biker flavor.

This definitely ain’t no copycat rally! So batten down the hatches for a totally different, fun-filled rally outside the box. You won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face because the High Seas Rally keeps gettin’ better!