It’s not enough to be the World’s Only Biker Rally on a Cruise Ship, we turn the fun up even further with our special theme nights and parties. Over the years, themes have ranged from hillbilly to hippie to pirate to leather. Are you ready to scope out the first HSR '21 Theme Nights?!?!

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Since the 2021 sailing of the High Seas Rally will be so close to Halloween next year, it only makes sense that we throw a big ol' Halloween Party at Sea!

We will party with the dead and devilish on this haunted night full of music, brews, boos and booze… Whether your costume is scary or sexy, or you just want to sit back and enjoy a head-turning night of people watching, there will be plenty of Tricks and Treats for you on this ghoulishly freaky night.

Here are some of the events in store for you during High Seas Halloween:

  • Scare Zone — Take a cruise by the Scare Zone to get your heart racing.
  • Scream Queen Contest — Channel your inner demons and top the decibel meter with your best bloodcurdling scream.
  • Late Night Horror Movies — Watch classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Zombie Biker Pub Crawl — Keep an eye out for the living dead at the Zombie Biker pub crawl.
  • Adult Trick or Treat — Grab a bag and trick or treat your way around the Royal Promenade.
  • Halloween Games for Grown Folks — These games are not for the kiddies or the faint of heart.

The Hillbillies on the High Seas hootenanny is the night to live the high life so hitch up those overalls, slap on your bubba teeth and get ready to join the other hicks and hayseeds at this backyard party on the pool deck. All y'all country bumpkins will gather round to compete in rip-roarin' contests and games while poppin' some bottles of golden soda!

Knee slap the night away and have a rollickin' good time partakin' in backyard games like:

  • Cornhole
  • Toilet Seat Toss
  • Corn Cob Eating Contest
  • Lawnmower Races

This shindig continues with:

  • Bumpkin Family Feud Game Show
  • Cousin Eddie’s Costume Contest
  • Queen of the Trailer Park Pageant
  • Southern Buffet with all da Fixins

Shiver me timbers! If an all-day, all-out pirate party is up your alley, then put down yer spyglass, because you AARRRRR in the right place! During Pirate Takeover Day, we let the Jolly Roger fly high on the mast of the Mariner of the Seas while you buccaneers and scallywags seek treasure, booty and bounty in events all around the ship.

We'll revel in Pirate Biker Bingo, Buried Treasure Scavenger Hunt, Treasured Chest Competition, Blackbeard's Best Beard Contest, Pirate Costume Parade, Rum Tastings and much much more. Later on, "X" marks the spot for The Mutiny on the Pool Deck Party with Steel Rod rocking the stage, a treasure chest of grog on ice, and plenty of partyin' on the gangplank. You’ll be glad you weren’t marooned on shore to miss this party, because when it's done the deck's gonna need a serious swabbin'.

Costumes are optional, but the folks who participate take things seriously and make it all the more fun. Stay tuned right here as more Theme Night announcements will be coming your way … all in celebration of the many awesome bonds that bring us together on the high seas.

Join us for a full-day tribute to U.S. and Canadian Military and First Responders:

  • Main Stage theater show celebrating freedom and the men & women who make it possible
  • Party on the pool deck with live entertainment
  • Slide show celebrating the Military Service Members and First Responders who are onboard
  • Show Your Pride: Wear Red, White and Blue attire for the day (Blue is optional for our Canadian friends)
  • Military Service Members, First Responders and their spouse/partner/significant other will also be invited to private meet ups with an hour of free drinks as a thank you

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Active and Veteran U.S. and Canadian Military receive a 5% discount off the cabin price on the High Seas Rally. This discount is also extended to First Responders. Click here to see all the ways you can save.

Stay Tuned: More Theme Nights To Be Announced!

Before we even set foot on the ship, this rally gets rolling with a bon voyage party on the night before embarkation day. It’s the perfect opportunity to get into the spirit of the cruise, meet new biker friends or get re-acquainted with past rally cruisers before we hit the high seas. The fun usually kicks off around 6 p.m., so plan your flights or your ride accordingly! Stay tuned for more details.


In each port of call we arrange for exclusive High Seas Rally crewmember parties. Stop by to enjoy special food and drink discounts as well as a really good time. These parties are big time fun for drinkers and non-drinkers alike and include good food, lots of laughing, and sometimes even singing and dancing.