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When rally season is over and your bike is spending more time in the garage than on the road, the High Seas Rally takes you to where the sun shines, temperatures stay warm and the fun never stops.

  • Socialize with friends and meet new riders with a common interest. This is a full-ship charter, meaning every guest is a biker or a motorcycle enthusiast.
  • Travel to new, exciting and beautiful locations you just can’t reach by bike. You’ll wake up in a different tropical destination every day.
  • Learn about the newest motorcycle products and latest trends with vendor displays and tech experts on board to talk about anything and everything biker. Talk one on one with company owners and product developers that you just can’t get at land based rallies.
  • Your chance to win thousands in motorcycle vendor products and cash prizes.
  • The world’s most exclusive, fun and exciting biker vacation with fellow bikers from around the world.
  • Let loose and party with other bikers! The ship is truly a floating city with 2,100 likeminded people all on board for the same reason — fun, camaraderie and support for a great charity.


For one set price you will enjoy all of the above PLUS:

  • 7-days aboard a world-class cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas.
  • Luxury accommodations with unbelievable personalized service.
  • All the food you can eat, available 24/7.
  • All the entertainment on board; including fun biker events, games, concerts, giveaways and parties.
  • A welcome gift with a rally patch, personalized door plaque and a number of other goodies.
  • We guarantee this will be the least expensive 7-day rally you’ve ever been to. No tipping – all tips are prepaid!


This rally cruise was launched in 2003 to merge the best of a land-based biker rally with the best of a world-class cruise while avoiding the parts of each that take away the fun…

  • No formal night. Most cruises have 1 or 2 fancy dress-up nights, not us! We’ve changed one to Leather Night, but even that is optional. Wear whatever you want all week long, please, just wear something!
  • No worrying about your bike. Forget bike theft or damage or cleaning your bike up every day. Just enjoy being with new and old friends in an amazing setting.
  • No price gouging. Big business has taken over too many rallies. Rooms, vendor space, food, parking, everything is double or triple the price it was the week before the rally. On High Seas Rally, you pay one price and partake in all the fun.